At Critical Golf, we use both objective data and subjective opinion in our analysis. The areas we evaluate for laser rangefinders include:

Accuracy. Laser rangefinders generally claim accuracy of within +/- 1 yard (or meter) under optimal conditions. But will you find one device any more accurate than another? Which is the most accurate golf laser rangefinder?

Ease of Use. Our reviewers spend time with each laser rangefinder in real world conditions, providing subjective feedback on their experience. User interface, size and weight, the style of the cross-hair in the viewfinder…it’s all covered here. Read on for these laser rangefinder specs.

Features. What type of modes and features are available on laser rangefinders? Is there enough to really differentiate one from another? And for those devices that offer slope-compensated distance, what type of information do they provide? See our detailed listing of golf laser rangefinder features.

Ease of Obtaining Readings. We take the devices to the course for a speed test in obtaining distance readings, and the differences are greater than you might think. Check out the results of our laser rangefinder speed test.

Cost and Value. Ranging from under $300 for a basic laser rangefinder to up to nearly $700 for the highest priced model that provides slope compensated distances, we provide the retail prices so you don’t have to track them down. Read more about golf laser rangefinder prices.