The Best Golf Push Carts for 2023: Reviews and Buying Guide​

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If you have made the commitment to walk the golf course more this year, we applaud you. Walking does great things not just for your body but also for your golf game. However, walking the golf course can be a burden if you don’t have the right equipment.

We have put together the top push carts on the market in 2022. Each of these has been personally tested to ensure that I like the quality. As always, my feedback is honest and raw. In addition to this roundup of the best push carts on the market, check out our individual reviews of each of these push carts. 

Best Golf Push Carts of the Year

Until we got our hands on each of these carts, it was hard to gauge how different each of these products are. Every model has a feature or functionality that really helps it stand out. Read on to get more detailed look at what each of these push carts has to offer, but for those looking for a quick recommendation, here you go

ClicGear Rovic RV1S Push Cart

Topping our list is the Rovic RV1S; this is a techy and modern golf push cart that is a bit more affordable than the ClicGear Model 8. With the ClicGear Rovic RV1S, you can easily attach all the accessories you need and have all of your gear in one easy and convenient location. 

The ClicGear Rovic RV1S comes with a built-in scorecard holder and a swivel front wheel. We found the basic functionality before adding in all the accessories quite good. The foot brake is stable and will hold your push cart even on a steep hill. 

If you are going to find any issue with the ClicGear Rovic RV1S, it is just that the straps are a bit long for a smaller bag. For those that have a hard time getting the golf bag to stay on the push cart, the Rovic RV1S may need an extra bungee. 

Tester Feedback: The ClicGear Rovic has an expensive look and makes it really easy to get the bag on. The negative here was that the “out-of-the-box” storage is not great if you are a person with a lot of extra gear but acknowledging that you can solve that with accessories.  Simply carrying a rangefinder, phone, and drink is not a problem. It also folds up nicely and has a small footprint.


  • Compact, folds down to 13x15x24″
  • Swivel front wheel
  • lightweight and durable push cart
  • Ability to attach accessories
  • High-quality silicone straps are easily adjustable for different size bags
  • Foot brake for easy parking


  • Storage is limited out-of-the-box
  • Center console works fine but could be better quality

Bottom Line: ClicGear makes really nice golf carts and the Rovic is no exception.  It’s hard to beat when we measured all of the different factors.  They’re that are easy to maneuver and can get you around the golf course in style; if you like accessories, tech, and a modern look, this one is worth checking out.

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CaddyTek Caddylite One - Swivel

Best Value
Caddytek CaddyLite ONE - Swivel Wheel
$209.00 $196.30
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03/07/2024 07:13 pm GMT

If you are in the market for a lightweight and affordable three wheel push cart, the CaddyTek 3 Wheel is a great option to consider. This push cart folds up easily, has great storage , a swivel wheel, and it comes in at a very fair price. The total weight on this push cart is just 13 pounds. 

Even though the CaddyTek 3 Wheel is a bit smaller scale, it can fit both a cart bag and a stand bag on it. To be honest, on a hilly golf course with a cart bag, the cart struggled at times. However, with a stand bag, the CaddyTek has all the capabilities you need. 

Tester Feedback: The major compliment that testers had about the CaddyTek 3 Wheel is the amount of storage space. For a 3-wheel push cart, you can still have plenty of your gear with you, and the cart itself is not overly heavy.


  • Excellent storage
  • Easy fold down
  • Affordable for the level of quality
  • Weighs only 13 lbs
  • Double brake for easy parking


  • Does not have upper bag straps (uses clamp-style)

Bottom Line: It’s not going to stack up against other premium options, but if you want a good push cart that won’t break your back or your bank, give the CaddyTek 3-Wheel a try. 

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Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart

The Bag Boy Nitron was our favorite push cart for lightweight durability. This is a push cart that is just over 16 pounds, but it still manages to have a ton of stability. I have noticed with many of the lightweight golf push carts that the concept seems like a good one, but then you put the bag on, and it tips over. With the Bag Boy Nitron, this was not the case. 

When you are finished with your round, the three wheel Bag Boy Nitron folds up easily and can be put in your trunk with minimal effort. The bottom of the push cart has really great storage, but you must empty it before you fold the cart up. 

With the handle-mounted parking brake, durable bungees, and the strong Bag Boy Nitron name behind this product, you will be impressed with the overall performance that it offers. 

Tester Feedback: I found this to be one of the easiest push carts to use. In addition, it was lightweight and easy to carry. Overall the wheels were not the most impressive of all the push carts we tested but sufficient.  If there was any concern, the stability with a heavy bag is questionable on slopes.


  • Easy Open technology (best-in-class)
  • Handle mounted parking brake
  • Comes In a variety of colors


  • Wheels are ok, but not as premium as a Sun Mountain or ClicGear
  • If you do not empty the console, it will open and spill out when folded

Bottom Line: The Nitron is best in class when it comes to opening and breaking down.  It’s a lightweight and easy to use option.

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Big Max Blade IP

The Big Max Blade IP golf push cart is a three wheel push cart that weighs less than 15 pounds; if you are serious about walking a golf course a few times a week, this lightweight cart could be a great option to consider. The double brakes, umbrella attachment, and compact design make this a top seller. 

One of the things that I liked the best about the Big Max Blade IP was the ability to fold the model down in a matter of seconds. Once you get this system down, it is a very compact and easy-to-use design that still allows for tremendous stability with a tour size golf bag. 

Tester Feedback: The overall usability of the cart is quite good when it comes to how things fold down and store. You can easily adjust the handle to make this a better fit for your needs, and the double brake system is nice. There is a bit of a pinch hazard when trying to get this caddy folded, so be aware of it when folding. Last, I recommend getting an additional accessory bag to hold your golf products, as this one has storage that feels a little tight.


  • Compact design (Best in class stowaway size – can fit in trunk with bag)
  • Folds and unfold in a matter of seconds
  • Lightweight and durable push cart
  • Double brakes


  • The front wheel doesn’t swivel
  • Minimal accessories out-of-the-box

Bottom Line: If you like a sleek and unique design that will easily fit in your trunk or tuck away in the corner of your garage in the off season, the Big Max Blade IP is the best at what it does…get compact.

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ClicGear Model 8+

The ClickGear Model 8+ is a durable and great-looking golf push cart that is well known on the market. In addition, if you have had your push cart flip over at some point in your golfing career, give the ClicGear Model 8+ a second look.  This thing is actually designed for cart bags, so you know it’s heavy duty.

The ClicGear Model 8+ is another smart option for a player that wants all the accessories and gear. If you have an umbrella, a cell phone holder, a towel washer, a snack compartment, shoe cleaners, and who knows what else, you will love how the ClicGear Model 8+ can help you get around the course. 


  • Very sturdy and well-built
  • Upgraded straps from other Clicgear carts 
  • Well-designed cradle for bag; sits nicely
  • Lots of accessory options (not included)


  • Larger footprint that doesn’t fold down as much as other options

Bottom Line: If you have the budget to spend and want a high-end golf push cart purchase, then the ClicGear Model 8+ is likely an excellent place to start looking. 

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CaddyTek Explorer V8 Push Cart

CaddyTek has tons of golf push cart options on the market. CaddyTek makes both three, and four wheel designs, and this four wheel design is well known for its ability to handle a larger golf bag and plenty of gear. At the top of the push cart, the scorecard holder and storage holder come in handy. 

In addition, there is a one-click folding system and adjustable handle that make the ease of use of the CaddyTek 4 Wheel quite good. These maintenance-free wheels are not the highest quality I have ever seen, but they are stable and make it easy to take care of your push cart. With a total weight around 17 pounds, this is not an overly heavy four wheel push cart. 

Tester Feedback: The CaddyTek products always seem to have some of the best feedback and some of the worst. With the CaddyTek 4 wheel, users really liked the folding mechanism and bungee straps. On the negative side, the materials felt a bit cheap, and the big footprint makes it a bit more cumbersome to deal with.


  • One click folding 
  • Strong and stable, without being overly heavy 
  • Basket with cooler built in 
  • Great price


  • It can be difficult to turn with a heavy bag in place

Bottom Line: If you are one of those golfers with one of every accessory and potentially a few more than 14 clubs in the bag, give the CaddyTek Explorer a try. 

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BagBoy Tri-Swivel II

The Bag Boy Tri Swivel II is the best push cart for front wheel rotation. When you have a three wheel push cart, sometimes the maneuverability can become a bit frustrating. Luckily with the Bag Boy Tri Swivel II this will not be a concern. When playing on a golf course with lots of turns and movement, the front wheel that can turn a full 350 degrees will significantly help with maneuverability. 

We like the overall sturdy design of this cart and find that once you get used to pushing the cart around, the swivel design actually helps increase your overall speed and maneuverability. If you currently have a push cart that has you picking up the front wheel constantly to get you back on track, the Bag Boy Tri Swivel II could be a perfect fit. 

This push cart is easy to fold down, has a brake, and at times if you want to lock the front wheel in place, you can do so. The Bag Boy Tri Swivel II can accommodate both large and small golf bags and is built to last for years to come. 

Tester Feedback: It’s probably not a secret that I like the swivel front wheel on a 3-wheel cart.  It just helps a lot maneuverability.  The accessories are nice too.


  • Front wheel can turn 360 degrees
  • Sturdy design 
  • It weighs about 16 pounds  
  • Will accommodate a larger golf bag


  • It takes some time to get used to locking and unlocking the front swivel
  • The three step folding process can take a little while to perfect

Bottom Line: If 3-wheel push carts are your jam, give this one a look.  It’s on the higher-end of price, but Bag Boy offers a quality product.

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Sun Mountain Pathfinder PX4

Although the three wheel push carts tend to be the most popular on the market, there are some players that insist that the four wheel is a better option to consider. The Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4 was the highest quality four-wheel push car that I tested. If you want something for the long haul, give the Sun Mountain PathFinder 4 a try. 

With the Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4, the hills and the thick rough will not be an issue. We found this cart simply glides through rough patches with ease. The Sun Mountain has a very stable base, and for those that like to bring along several dozen balls, you will barely feel the extra weight when pushing the Pathfinder 4. 

Tester Notes: The 4 wheel push cart is not always a favorite among testers because of the extra weight and size. However, as a stable base for your golf clubs, the Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4 held up well in our testing. The Pathfinder was actually my gamer for years.  It’s a solid option.


  • Folds in two easy steps 
  • Mesh Bag for extra storage 
  • Four wheel design with a stable base
  • Weighs 17 lbs, not overly heavy for a four wheel push cart


  • The bottom bag strap seems a bit short for larger bags
  • Sun Mountain products tend to have a higher price point

Bottom Line: While it’s a 4 wheeler, it’s actually on the lighter side of the category. If you want a stable and long-lasting push cart, the Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4 is a smart investment. 

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ClicGear Model 4

The ClicGear Model 4 is our favorite golf push cart for customization. If you are a tinkerer and you want to have all the gadgets and gizmos, this is a cart that will leave you satisfied. There are accessory tabs all over this push cart for you to customize until you feel completely content with the setup of the cart. 

Of course, all of the accessories and customization come at a cost, and the ClicGear name is known for being a bit more pricey than other brands on the market. Overall I was impressed with the ability to fold this push cart up, the storage capabilities and console, and the adjustable bag straps that make it easy to perfectly position your golf bag.

Tester Feedback: The ClicGear Model 4 was highly regarded for its durability, the hand brake was about average, and the straps are made of high quality but not as strong as some others on the market. Of course, you have to be prepared for the heavier aluminum, but the overall size, when folded, is not hard to work with.


  • Storage net and console
  • Folds easily 
  • Plenty of accessory tabs for cart customization
  • It comes with cup holder and umbrella mount 
  • Several color options are available


  • Priced a little higher than other carts on the market in this category 
  • 21 pounds, compared to other similar carts in the 15-18 pound range

Bottom Line: The ClicGear Model 4 is not the lightest weight golf push cart on the market, but you will have plenty of stability, durability, and customization options with this model in play. 

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Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX

The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX is a durable golf cart with plenty of strength, and it will work with either a cart bag or a carry bag. The Speed Cart GX is made for power walkers. If you are walking the course to try and burn some calories and keep that step count up, the Speed Cart GX will be right there with you. 

I really liked the ergonomic design of the Speed Cart GX and the fact that it had a built in bracket for a seat or seed bottle. After all, that walking, if you need a place to rest, the Speed Cart GX has you covered. In addition, even with the durability of this cart being as good as it is, it only weighs 17.5 pounds. 

Tester Feedback: My first impression of the Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX is that it is of very high quality. With room for everything from tees to golf balls to a cooler, you will like the storage found here. The downside is that this is a huge push cart. Even when folded down, this thing takes up some space.


  • Built in bracket for seat or seed bottle
  • Ergonomically efficient for plenty of speed
  • Weighs 17.5 pounds 
  • Mesh basket included for headcover storage


  • The Speed Cart GX tends to pull to the right even after adjusting the tracking
  • Sun Mountain products rarely go on sale

Bottom Line: If you have a big vehicle and are looking for a stable smooth push around the course, the GX may be a good option for you

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Golf Push Cart Buying Guide

Now that we have given you ten of the best push carts on the market, it’s time to break down which would be the best option for your individual game. Although each of these ten push carts has some great durability and functionality, there are some distinct differences between the models. 

Three Wheel vs. Four Wheel

There is quite a bit of debate between the three wheel and the four wheel push cart. The three wheel push cart is a good option for those that are looking for speed and maneuverability, but it can sometimes be a bit unstable. 

The four wheel push cart is great for the golfer that is looking for a sturdy bag, the ability to put a seat on the pushcart, and plenty of storage. 

Height Adjustable Handle

The push cart with an adjustable handle is a smart choice for both the taller and shorter golfer. With the standard height handle, you may have to bend down or even reach too far upwards while maneuvering the golf cart.

Look for an adjustable handle if you are anything but standard height. 

Total Weight 

Most of the best push carts on the market are between 13 and 20 pounds. Anything over that 20 pound mark is going to be considered a bit heavy. Remember that the total weight is not just crucial for pushing the cart around the course, but it comes into play when loading and unloading the push cart. 

If you think lifting a twenty-pound object into your trunk is tough, maybe consider going with the three wheel lightweight push cart. 

Cart Bag vs. Carry Bag 

Another consideration to make is whether or not you will be pushing around a cart bag or a carry bag. The cart bag typically requires longer straps and a slightly more durable push cart. The carry bag is lightweight, and it can fit on almost any push cart. 

With a carry bag, we recommend getting a more streamlined and lightweight push cart, it’s just easier to deal with, and you won’t need anything more. 

Accessories and Features

Golf push carts have lots of different accessory options to choose from. We liked the ability to add an umbrella on those days when the sun is incredibly strong. However, these are not necessarily included with the price of the push cart. 

Look for options like ClicGear when you like accessories, as this brand makes it easy to attach any accessory that you may like. Keep in mind that you will want to always ensure you have shade, water, and some seed/sand to replace divots while you are on the course. 

Price Tag 

The best push carts on the market come in various price ranges. Some will find that the $200 price range is a great spot to get a quality push cart that will last without spending an abundance of money. Some of the higher quality options are close to $400, and they may have quite a few more accessories and options. 

Electric Push Cart vs. Manual

The electric push cart makes walking the golf course considerably easier. If you often play hilly courses, the cart can kind of do its own thing as you use a remote control or a speed selector on the front panel. Electric push carts sometimes have wide wheels for deluxe performance.

The manual carts are foldable, and they are much more affordable. Personally, I like the manual push carts for easy storage, one less battery or electronic device to take care of, and if you get a great 3 wheel golf push cart, it’s not much work at all to get it around the golf course.

ClicGear Model 4 folded Combo

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clicgear the best push cart?

Some golfers find the ClicGear 4.0 and other models to be some of the best on the market. We like the way that the ClicGear accessories work with each other, but options from Sun Mountain and Bag Boy are also quite good when looking for the best on the market.

Which is better, a three or four wheel golf push cart?

One of the big debates among golfers is whether or not the 3 or 4 wheel push cart is better. We like the maneuverability of the 3 wheel push cart, but if you have a really heavy golf bag, the 4 wheel can be a better solution. Think about the gear you already have and match it to the gear you buy.

Which is the best golf push cart for seniors?

Seniors tend to do well with the CaddyTek Caddylite because of the lighter materials and the ease of use. Seniors need to choose an option that has good stability but will also be easy to lift into the car after play. Sometimes an option with rear wheels that are removable can be a wise choice.

Are push carts better than carrying clubs?

If you are not used to the walker trolley or push cart idea, you may want to familiarize yourself. These helpful pieces of golf equipment make it considerably easy to make it to the 18th green without feeling fatigued. You will have much more energy to put towards your golf swing and have less wear and tear done to your body.

Final Thoughts

At this point, you should feel fairly confident about the golf push cart options for you to choose from. Although we found some great options, the Rovic takes the crown this year, but it’s hard to argue with the value of the CaddyTek 3 Wheel tends to be the best overall value.  At the end of the day, it’s all about person preferences –  Sun Mountain, ClicGear, BagBoy, and Big Max are all good names to consider.  

Play well!

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