The Best Golf Hats For 2023: Reviews and Buyers Guide

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I love a great golf hat. In fact, you can tell when you look at my closet that golf hats are one of the most commonly bought golf accessories for me. However, I’m kind of particular about golf hats; if they are not just right, I’m not a fan.

I tested some of my favorite options out there, compared them to each other, and came up with some of the best golf hats on the market in 2023. The best thing about golf hats is that you can never have too many!

Titleist Tour Performance

The Titleist Tour Performance is one of the best golf hats on the market. If you are a serious golfer looking for the best performance and one of the better-structured hat looks, the Titleist Tour Performance is a winner.

This is a one size fits all golf hat, so those with a bigger head may have little luck. The good news is with 3% spandex; you get a little stretch. The snap closure in the back also makes it highly adjustable.

One of my favorite things about the Titleist is the performance material. There is just something different about wearing a hat built for you to sweat in and play golf in, as opposed to something that is just a standard cotton or cheaper feel.

I know they charge a bit more for a Titleist golf hat, but I can tell you the pricing is well worth it.


  • Sizes: One Size
  • Colors: Black/White, Gray/White, Hunter/White, Navy/White, Red/White, White/Black, White/Flame
  • Material: Polyester and Spandex


  • Spandex and Polyester
  • Nice color selection
  • Performance material for better longevity
  • Structured front panel


  • Hand wash only

Bottom Line:

This is one of the best golf hats out there. If you play Titleist golf clubs or simply wish you played them, as soon as you put a Titleist hat on, you always look like you know what you are doing. The pricing here is a little higher, but worth it in the end.

Adidas 3-Stripe Tour

Adidas tends to cater to the more sporty golfers. If you like a look of simplicity, this 3-Stripe Tour hat is a great option to consider. Adidas kept things simple with this one and made it a 100% polyester performance-type hat with a snap closure.

The front of the hat features three stripes in a contrasting color of the hat itself. It’s a sleek, Sergio Garcia kind of look that will match well with almost any golf shirt you choose to wear. In addition, the lightweight jacquard fabric does an excellent job of absorbing moisture.


  • Sizes: One Size
  • Colors: White, Black, Blue, Gray
  • Material: Polyester


  • Can stay dry and comfortable on the course
  • 100% polyester material
  • Moisture wicking material
  • Pre-curved brim for better coverage


  • No additional UV protection
  • Hand wash only

Bottom Line:

If you consider yourself more of a stylish, modern, clean-slate kind of dresser, the Adidas 3 Stripes will probably match your style quite well. In addition, we like the moisture-wicking materials in this baseball cap style golf hat. It’s a little lower in price than the Titleist and offers a good alternative.

Nike Aerobill Heritage

Even though Nike stopped making golf clubs, they still have plenty of gear to have you ready to play on the golf course. Whether you are looking to support some of the greatest Nike players of all time or simply want a high-performance hat with moisture-wicking fabric, the Nike Aerobill Heritage is a great choice.

My favorite thing about the Nike Aerobill Heritage is the 4 way stretch fabrics. This hat seems to conform to your head with more of a stretch feel. Overall it’s quite comfortable and highly breathable. Remember that the functionality of a golf hat is just as important as the look.

Nike took things a step further and incorporated laser perforations in the hat. These laser perforations allow for increased breathability. The hat is a more fitted style, and there are sizes that you can choose from to meet your needs.

Lastly, the TW logo patch in the front will have you representing what many players believe is the greatest golfer of all time. That’s why I felt like I had to go for the red hat with the Nike Aerobill Heritage.


  • Sizes: Medium Large, Small Medium, Large X Large
  • Colors: Black, White, and Red
  • Materials: Polyester


  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Highly breathable
  • Perforations to help improve breathability


  • Not adjustable; you have to find the right size
  • No additional sun protection from UV rays
  • Limited color selections

Bottom Line:

Nike has some great technology built into their golf clothing and hats. This is a stretchy high-quality golf hat that will work for the majority of golfers. If you are a Tiger Woods fan, even better!

Under Armour IsoChill ArmourVent

The Under Armour IsoChill ArmourVent packs a lot of technology into a hat for an average golfer. If you want a hat that helps you feel like you are not even wearing a hat, this is the one to go with. In addition to the moisture-wicking sweatband, you will find that the entire hat is moisture-wicking.

Under Armour used a great combination of Nylon, Polyester, and Elastane to get the perfect fit on this one size fits all hat.

The hat also features a front panel lining that helps to disperse body heat and make it cool to the touch; if you didn’t think a golf cap could cool you down, think again. I like this hat for those that play a summer golf game, regardless of the temperatures.

The adjustable back closure also ensures that you can fit into this hat, regardless of your head size.


  • Sizes: One Size
  • Colors: Black, Pitch Gray, White, Academy
  • Materials: 54% Nylon/31% Polyester/15% Elastane


  • The adjustable strap in the back is accommodating
  • A good option to keep in the golf bag all summer
  • Impressive moisture-wicking capabilities
  • Great combination of materials to improve performance


  • Some UPF protection would have been nice
  • Limited color selection compared to some other options on the market
  • Not a very wide brim

Bottom Line:

The best hats on the market are those that have a comfortable fit and make seeing the golf ball considerably easier. I like the way the Under Armour Iso Chill keep my head cool and the way that it fits my head.

Taylormade Performance Seeker

The first thing that stands out about the TaylorMade Performance Seeker hat is that you can choose from various colors. We all have that one golf shirt that makes it hard to find a matching hat, but the TaylorMade Performance Seeker can do the trick for you.

I actually like this hat for both on and off the golf course. It works fine on hot days as it allows for some airflow with the performance polyester material. The TaylorMade logo is on the front embroidered, and you can choose several different colors.

Inside the hat, you will find a moisture-wicking headband that makes the fit more comfortable and ensures that sweat doesn’t run down your face on the course.


  • Sizes: Structured Fit with Adjustable Sizing
  • Colors: 12 color combinations with style and font colorations
  • Materials: Polyester


  • Performance fabric
  • Moisture wicking sweatband
  • Large selection of colors
  • TaylorMade makes long-lasting golf gear
  • Adjustable tuck in back strap


  • Won’t offer nearly as much protection as a bucket hat
  • It would be nice to have the option for a snapback closure

Bottom Line:

If you play TaylorMade golf clubs and want a golf hat that has a classic look and a ton of colors to choose from, I would consider this TaylorMade Performance Seeker. It’s not quite as modern as a Trucker or Fitted Hat, but it’s also not like a traditional golf baseball cap with uncomfortable materials.

Lulu Lemon Days Shade

Lulu Lemon may not be one of the most well-known names when it comes to golf clothing. However, some pieces can work quite well on the golf course. The Lulu Lemon Days Shade hat is a unique option that many golfers don’t consider.

One of the reasons that I like this hat is it keeps things neutral as far as a logo is concerned. In other words, if you don’t want the front of the hat to say TaylorMade, Callaway, or Adidas.

The hat is also water-repellent, so even if you get some weather coming your way, you will be protected for a little bit.


  • Sizes: One Size Adjustable Back Strap
  • Colors: Black
  • Materials: Polyester and Elastane


  • Impressive performance fabric
  • Flexfit makes it more comfortable
  • Black color will match with your golf wardrob


  • Fit can be a little shallow
  • Not really a golf sun hat

Bottom Line:

The Lulu Lemon Days Shade hat is a good choice if you are particular about fabric. I like this one for wearing to work out in addition to playing some golf. Just be careful that the fit is deep enough for you if you have a larger head.

PING Tour Vented Delta

Ping makes, in my opinion, some of the most premium and long lasting golf equipment on the market. I was excited to try the Ping Tour Vented Delta to see if it had that same feel to it. Overall I was impressed with the combination of polyester and spandex to create headwear that feels comfortable to wear but also fits snugly enough not to slide during the swing.

The venting around the entire hat helps to keep air flowing around your head, almost as if you were wearing a golf visor. What I didn’t love is the higher profile shape; it’s a bit big if you don’t want to wear a Ping billboard.

For guys with a larger head, it could be looked at as a positive. The adjustable snapback closure is easy to adjust, and I had no trouble getting it to work for my needs. Overall this one will hold up well over time, the same way those Ping Ansers seem to.


  • Sizes: One Size Fits All
  • Colors: Grey, Navy, White
  • Materials: 13% Spandex, 87% Polyester


  • High quality hat
  • Comfortable and stretchy
  • Adjustable closure to fit all golfers


  • Font of the hat is quite tall
  • Not a great option for golfers with a smaller head
  • No UV protection

Bottom Line:

If you have Ping golf clubs or believe in Men’s golf gear from Ping, this hat is a great selection. I like the gray color as it is a bit more subtle and takes away from how wide and tall the front of this Ping hat is. Overall I can tell that this one is going to hold up for quite some time.

Buyers Guide: What To Look For In The Best Golf Hats

I’m the type of golfer that gets a hat and wears it for every round for a while until I remember I’m missing one of my favorite golf hats. I like to have a mix of golf hats to wear. Even though the beanie and golf bucket hat options have been on my list in the past, a traditional golf hat/baseball cap seems to be the best fit for an everyday round of play.

Here are a few things I would be aware of when choosing a golf hat:

Moisture Wicking Technology

I like having moisture-wicking technology on the interior of my hat. I don’t play a round of golf where sweat is not an issue. When hats don’t have sweatband technology, they just deteriorate so quickly. The hats turn yellow, they don’t hold up, and I’m left getting another one.

Another thing I love is when a moisture-wicking sweatband can be washed. Not too many hats are washable these days, but when you can wash them, you will get a much longer lifespan.


The fit is very important in golf. When a hat is moving on your head when you swing or obstruct your vision slightly when hitting, it’s not fit. For this reason, I tend to go with adjustable-closure golf hats.

Remember that each golf manufacturer has a different type of fitting when you look at their hats. Essentially the measurements are different. So if you find a hat you love from Callaway golf, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will wear the same size from Adidas.


Most of the time, neutral colors are great in hats because they will match with the things you want to wear them with. However, I like to have a few different color hats to choose from. Sometimes the darker color hats show sweat marks when they can’t be washed.

Light color hats sometimes turn yellow; keep both of these concepts in mind when you choose a hat, especially a hat for summer golf.


Golf hats used to range from $15 to $20. This is no longer the case. A great golf hat is in the $20 to $35 range. The good news is that with advancements in technology and performance, you will be getting better fabric and materials than you saw in the past.


Golf hats have all different types of features. Some will have UPF 50 protection; others have a removable moisture-wicking sweatband that you can wash. Some will have a magnetic brim for storing your ball marker. The key is to determine which features matter most to you.

One of the features I tend to look for all the time is breathability. The more breathable a hat is, the more I can handle wearing it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best golf hats on the market.

What is the best hat for golf?

The best hat for golf tends to be the standard baseball-style hat. Of course, the performance material that you find in these hats makes them a great choice for golfers who are wearing a hat on their heads for five hours or more in direct sunlight.

What kind of hats do golfers wear?

Golfers wear a variety of hats and visors, but most will settle on the standard baseball cap-style hat. Bucket hats and wide brim hats can also be good for the sun.

Do all professional golfers wear hats?

Not all professional golfers wear hats, but many of them do to help provide protection from the sun. In addition, professional golfers can put sponsors on their hats, and that certainly would make you wear one too!

What are the benefits of wearing a golf hat?

The benefits of wearing a golf hat include protection from the sun and less glare on the ball.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have a better idea as to which golf hat could be the best one for your head. I really like the Titleist Tour Performance hat; there is just something about a Titleist hat that makes it different. In addition, the overall feel and longevity of the hat set it apart from others on the market. In the end, I know you will end up with a few of these; after all, golfers are hat collectors.

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Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt has close to 30 years of experience in the game of golf. She has played college golf, turned professional and worked as a Class A PGA teaching professional, and has years of writing experience. Her passion is for sharing what she knows about the game and helping others succeed. If Britt is not writing catch her on the golf course as she still loves to play golf several days a week.

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