For those who still enjoy a good walk, but have shoulders or back that can’t take carrying clubs for a round, or simply would rather save their energy from even pushing a cart, technology brings you electric powered golf carts.

These carts come at a variety of price points (from $400 into the thousands), sizes and weight, construction quality, and battery power and life. Criteria to evaluate carts can differ for those who will be primarily leaving the cart at a course/club, versus those that will be transporting the cart in their car for each round they play.

Unlike other golf equipment available, the ability to test electric carts is few and far between, with retail stores rarely offering one model, if any, and courses that offer electric carts for rental extremely rare. For the most part, we find that courses or groups that use electric carts often are the same make, and perhaps model, simply due to the fact that the either the club or one individual purchased the electric cart, which gave others the chance to test it for themselves, and then would order the same cart. If you have had a chance to test and electric cart and liked the experience, we would encourage you to take a look at the breadth that are available on the market. Most companies offering carts have multiple models to select between, and there are 4 main companies in the electric cart market.

Differences to evaluate between cart makes and models include:

We haven’t had the opportunity to check out these carts for ourselves (sadly, income from the Critical Golf website isn’t enough to purchase multiple electric carts for review). And if you know of courses in the San Francisco Bay Area that offer electric carts (that are the latest model) for rental, let us know – we’ll go check them out and review them ASAP!

Until then, check out our listing of the best-selling electric golf carts available.