You’ve seen them on those infomercials…all those golf training aids endorsed by this pro or that pro. Is one of them really the on that is going to finally fix your game and take you to the next level? There’s only one way to know. Try them all out!

Full Swing Aids
Some may tell you that you should spend the majority of your practice time on the putting green and working on your short game. And well, that’s probably true. But it sure feels nice to get some nice compression and stick the ball next to the pin from 160 yards out, doesn’t it?

Full swing aids come in a variety of forms, such as hinging clubs, alignment tools, and a new generation of motion sensors that purport to be able to analyze your golf swing. One of these has just gotta help me…

Putting Aids
Strokes on the putting green count just as much as monstrous 300 yard drives or majestic iron shots, so it’s always baffling that amateur golfers spend so little time working on their putting.

Putting aids range from simple things such as putting greens for your home or office, to devices to groove a particular stroke, to sophisticated tools that analyze your precise stroke, including alignment, rotation at impact, and speed at impact.

Putting aids make for great gifts, since almost everyone can use a little help on their putting stroke, and they come at a variety of price points, so take a look at our putting aid reviews for some ideas for your favorite golfer.