Though I’ve actually seen golf clubs come out of the baggage claim carousel in their carry bag, simply encased in a large clear plastic bag like you might get from the dry cleaners for your nice shirts (now why would you do that…really?), any player who even cares the slightest about their equipment should have a decent travel bag. And we would argue not just any travel bag. This is a category where you truly get what you pay for. Less expensive bags are generally more difficult to travel with, have limited if any padding to protect your clubs, don’t have the durability that will allow them to last for all those golf trips in years to come, and certainly don’t carry any warranty for your clubs.

Bags come in a variety of offerings, though our focus is on those intended for standard carry bags (not the larger tour bags, though there are indeed travel bags that will fit those….but that isn’t something we are going to worry about until we are on a professional tour) – both soft cases and hard shell bags.

When selecting a travel bag, keep in mind the keys: durability, ease of use (you’ll want one that easily rolls through the airport) and storage space to meet your needs (do you want to put most of your clothes in the bag also? Or just your clubs?). There are areas where you can skimp, but travel bags isn’t one of them – the extra $100 or $150 you spend today to step up from the basic bags to the best of the bunch is worth every penny.