oGolf (formerly Orrie Golf) suffers from a common downfall of many of the free iPhone golf GPS apps (it formerly was a paid app) – very sparse coverage, often due to the fact that the developer relies on users to do the mapping on their own, and mapping is then shared across the entire user base. The good news is that oGolf’s course mapping tool is the easiest to use of the iPhone apps, with limited hiccups and a straightforward web interface on their website. Mapping a new course took us a mere 20 minutes. However, users are restricted to only mapping only 5 points per hole: font and back of tee boxes, the mid-point of the hole, and the front and back of the green, so you won’t find detailed mapping of hazards or targets.

User generated course maps are available immediately for use, and we were able to quickly search for and download our recently mapped course. Unfortunately upon starting play we were presented with a blank screen indicating that oGolf didn’t recognize us as actually being on the course (though all other iPhone golf GPS apps did, and we had strong signal strength for both cell coverage and data). With no other courses mapped in our local area, we aren’t in the mood to go through the mapping process on yet another course to try this all over again.

As an app with sparse course coverage, and an interface that can’t keep up with the latest, this app is likely going to struggle against the competition.

Download oGolf from iTunes

Version: 1.1