We should have realized that an app with a name and logo based on a different operating system might struggle on the iPhone. And so it does. This app is consistently one of the least stable we use – sometimes refusing to launch, quitting when it likes, no courses showing as available, and often not letting us get a round started after login. Just don’t exit the app during play or let it crash (no, you don’t have control over that), or all of your scores to that point in the round will be lost.

If you can get the app running successfully, you will be rewarded with the hole number, par, handicap and cumulative round score, along with distances to the front, center and back of the green next to a graphic image of a green (not the actual green) and additional landmarks (none shown on the courses we played). There are no satellite images or other hole views, so users can not determine the distance to any point they want on the course. TeeDroid features a scorecard, statistics tracking, and the ability to log your shots (which we didn’t find particularly useful, particularly without the ability to calculate club averages. Two final comments – the screen will shut off immediately in your pocket to conserve battery life, and there is no auto-advance between holes.

Though TeeDroid is advertised as a free app on the iTunes App Store, it isn’t. The app has a free 45-day trial, which then times out until the player purchases a yearly subscription. The combination of this yearly subscription, no hole views, and more bugs than we want to deal with, makes TeeDroid pale in comparison to the other apps on our list. Not recommended.

Price: $19.95 per year

Download TeeDroid from iTunes