TeeToGreen Lite

TeeToGreen Golf Lite provides satellite images, distances to the green and certain targets, scoring for up to four players, and statistics tracking for one player…but for only the first five holes of the round. So this app has no use except as a demo of the paid TeeToGreen Pro. Importantly, the app does not have the ability to determine distances to any point on the course, and then from that targeted point to the green.

There are currently very few courses available for TeeToGreen, and users will need to either map courses themselves during play, or map in advance of play on the company’s website. Mapping a course took us just under 30 minutes, which included mapping the center of the green plus four other targets (TeeToGreen unfortunately limits this to just four targets, which makes it less useful than other apps). The course is immediately available upon uploading the mapping. The satellite hole views can be cluttered as well, as the app lacks the intelligence to keep target markers from overlapping.

The graphics, as well as a bizarre interface that makes it confusing to start a round, could use some help, and this app needs the ability to determine any point on the hole to keep up with the competition. If you are considering TeeToGreen Pro you’ll definitely want to try this free version first to make sure you like it. But as a standalone free app, it fails.

Download TeeToGreen Golf Lite from iTunes

Version: 4.1