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The ClicGear brand is not new to the world of golf push carts, but this Model 4 is a relatively new release with some really great features and accessories. If you like a modern look, the ability to customize your color and features, and a durable golf push cart, the ClicGear Model 4 may be for you. Our experience with the ClicGear Model 4 was overwhelmingly positive, but there are a few things to know before purchasing this push cart.

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  • Adjustable bag strap made from Silicone materials 
  • Storage net and console
  • Folds easily 
  • Aircraft grade aluminum tubing for fewer scratches and dents 
  • Airless tires 
  • Plenty of accessory tabs for cart customization
  • It comes with cup holder and umbrella mount 
  • Several color options are available


  • Priced a little higher than other carts on the market in this category 
  • 21 pounds, compared to other similar carts in the 15-18 pound range

ClicGear Model 4 Push Cart Overview

The ClicGear Model 4 Push Cart is a highly adjustable and durable golf push cart that will work for both cart bags and stand bags. These are durable, and lightweight models that fold down to a compact size and can handle themselves well on rough or even slightly rocky terrain. The ClicGear Model 4 is a three wheel push cart, and the ability to attach accessories and gear to this cart is almost unmatched on the market.

ClicGear Model 4 Push Cart: Features and Benefits

The main benefits of the ClicGear Model 4 include increased user functionality for the golfer. Essentially you will be able to set this golf cart up to work for your needs. One of our favorite upgrades to the ClicGear Model 4 is the use of these Silicone straps to hold accessories in place and make the cart a bit more user friendly. It’s a nice change from the plastic seen on other golf push carts.


Adjustable Upper Saddle

The upper strap on the ClicGear Model 4 is highly adjustable, allowing the golfer to accommodate almost any golf bag. The silicone strap is a nice change from the previous elastic model, and it stays in place quite well. We felt like our bag had nowhere to go, exactly how we want to keep it on a push cart.

Lower Saddle Above the Wheel

There is a new lower saddle that sits just above the wheel. This helps to keep the golf cart pushed up over the wheel so that there is no dragging. If you have noticed in the past with previous push carts, sometimes the bottom of the bag will drag on the wheel, which can cause damage.

Silicone Strap

The silicone strap is used on the top of the bag as well as for certain accessories. This silicone is offered in a few different colors, and it only adds to the customization and functionality of this great push cart. If you are going to spend a few hundred dollars on a golf accessory, it may as well look cool!

ClicGear Model 4 Console


Overall we were impressed with the materials used to put their cart together. With aircraft grade aluminum tubing and the maintenance free tires, the cart stays in good shape for a long time and will not damage easily. The overall durability of the push cart is quite good, and the parking brake keeps the cart in place.


The overall size of the ClicGear 4.0 is about standard. We like that it has a mostly low profile and that, when folded, it is not terribly large. However, the overall weight is a bit heavier than other top picks we have tested. The standard seems to be around 15-17 pounds for many of these lightweight carts and the ClicGear 4.0 comes in at 21. If you are sensitive about lifting things, the ClicGear is likely not the best choice.

ClicGear Model 4 folded Combo

Accessory Options

The top of the push cart has an organizer that will allow you to keep your scorecard and pencils; there is also a storage basket on the underside of the cart. If you are not satisfied with just the umbrella holder and cup holder, several other accessory options are to consider. 

These will include a seat, the XL cup holder, sand bottle, umbrella angle holder, a steering know, and a cooler bag. Remember that although these accessories will easily attach to the bag, they do come at an additional price, and this is important for golfers to consider.


The cart comes with a one year warranty, and with the durability of these materials and the overall functionality, we found this to be plenty of time. You will know within a one year period if you will have a major issue come up with the cart. The only thing that concerns us a bit is the stretching or breaking of the silicone strap, but that is an easy replacement on the ClicGear Model 4.


This push cart is a little expensive. Of course, if the accessories matter to you and you really like the ability to choose a color that compliments your push cart, then the price really won’t matter much. However, if you are more concerned about the price, there may be better options for you on the market. When we tested this cart, we noticed that the complaint most customers had was the pricing was a bit high, and that is understandable.

ClicGearModel4 Folded2 1 1

Who Should Play With ClicGear Model 4 Push Cart?

The golfer that loves gadgets wants a smooth ride and has to have the color coordinating outfit will love the ClicGear Model 4. We like the upgrades from the previous ClicGear and have found the overall functionality to be quite good. The weight is a little heavier, so you will need to prepare for that if you are expecting a very lightweight push cart.

Is The ClicGear Model 4 Push Cart Worth It?

We try to give push carts an excellent test where they have to travel across rough terrain and in some difficult weather conditions. This provides us with an idea as to what the cart is like on both the good and bad days. 

The ClicGear Model 4 can hold up in any condition you put it in, and it will, without a doubt, fit your golf bag. Overall we stayed organized and neat while on the golf course and found no issues with folding or storing the cart. If you want a fun color and a push cart that will hold up over time, the ClicGear Model 4 is a good one to consider.

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