Sun Mountain Reflex

Sun Mountain Reflex

The Reflex, introduced in 2015, stands out with a…wait for it…four-step folding method. Break out your origami skills, players! But when folded, the Reflex, like the MC, collapses into a relatively small footprint – just 25.0″ X 15.0″ X 11.0″, a hair smaller than the Micro-Cart line. And even with the multi-step process the Reflex still, at a marketed 17.0 pounds, comes in a completely reasonable weight.

Storage is a bit different from other Sun Mountain carts, with the Reflex utilizing two separate padded valuable trays (located in the standard position between handle and clubs), storage for golf balls, scorecard holder, and a spot for your cold ones.

Though the wheels aren’t huge, the wide wheelbase assists with stability on course, and the adjustable handle height, including 180 degree range for the handles, allow for a variety of player choice for arm and shoulder position. The handle mounted brake is mounted just under the top tray.

The Sun Mountain Reflex comes in four color combinations: silver, black, black-lime and charcoal-red.

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