Swing Caddie SC100

Swing Caddie SC100

At under $300 and in an extremely portable size, the Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC100 is going to make a big impact based on price alone. The SC100 provides the basics of what launch monitor purchasers are looking for: ball speed and swing speed via doppler radar, and calculated information such as smash factor and carry distance, all displayed on a large 4″ LCD. And there is no need for a mobile device with this unit – information is displayed on the LCD, and menu navigation is enabled through the included remote control (now whether that is easier than simply using your iPhone is another matter). The device lacks some of the more advanced data available on more expensive launch monitors, such as launch angle, ball spin, roll and total distances, lateral deviation, and so forth. But hey, it’s less than 300 bucks – did we mention that?

Swing Caddie SC100

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The self-contained SC100 is a mere 5.9″ x 3.2″ x 1.1″ (comes with a carry pouch), weighs under half a pound, and provides up to 20 hours of practice time on a full charge from the 4 AAA batteries. The SC100 is placed 40-60″ directly behind the ball (no special marks on the ball necessary), and from this position can distance from 30 to 300 yards, so ranges enough for all but the biggest hitters.

Regardless of mode in use, the LCD will display the time in use, total shot count, and golf club selected. Different modes available include:
1. Practice Mode. This is the mode most players will think of when using a launch monitor. This mode provides swing speed, and calculated smash factor (ratio of ball speed to swing speed) and shot distance. At the press of a button on the SC100 or the remote the display can toggle to show ball speed instead of smash factor.

Swing Caddie SC100

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2. Target Mode. Allows you to set a target distance in order to practice your accuracy. Prior to the shot shows the target distance, and post shows the your (calculated) shot distance. This in addition to swing speed, smash factor, and score for the “game”.
A slight variation on Target Mode is a third mode, Random. This mode sets random target distances in order to keep you guessing each shot. With either Target Mode and Random Mode, the Swing Caddie will display calculated shot distance, along with the swing speed, ball speed, smash factor, and a score out of 10 that rate how close you were to the target distance.

In addition to the different modes available, the SC100 retains stats for each club, allowing the player to review average distance, speed and smash factor for the day’s practice, along with overall stats for the last 100 shots.

The SC100 is incredibly small and light, and given it’s attractive price point, most certainly be a portable launch monitor prospective buyers will consider.

Retail price: $269.99
Amazon.com: Check price now

As an aside, we have consistently found a number of basic errors on the website. We have also found more egregious such as Voice Caddie posting questions sent to their support team publicly, along with your email address and phone number. Bad Voice Caddie. Bad.

And enjoy this hilarious marketing video: