adidas adicross Tour Spikeless

adidas adicross Tour Spikeless

The adidas adicross Tour Spikeless golf shoes immediately caught our eye at the store – are those athletic-style shoes? Or more formal saddle shoes? Turns out they’re a little bit of both. Whether you like the hybrid approach or not is a question of individual taste, but we’re here to tell you that the adicross Tour Spikeless are extremely comfortable on the course. The leather uppers are soft right out of the box, and provide a nice blend of waterproof protection and ease of maintenance.


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91 / A-

The adicross Tour Spikeless has a hybrid look, combining design elements from both blucher/derby dress shoes and athletic shoes. The result is a shoe that provides the flexibility to be worn with either long pants or shorts. No longer do you have to be the guy wearing shorts with leather wingtips, or the dude wearing sneakers with khakis. Time to grow up, my friend, like when the horror on your significant other’s face made you finally realize that Sperry Top-Siders without socks aren’t really acceptable formal attire (we’re not saying this actually happened to us…but it might have).

The adicross Tour Spikeless is offered in either brown/white or white/aluminum. The style is unique, and detractors will argue that it is a jack of all trades but a master of none. We think they provide a handsome look (closest to the Eccos in our tests), and that they provide just the right blend of formality and sportiness. To prove it, we were going to find you pictures of Dustin Johnson wearing the spiked version of the adicross Tour, but strangely all we can find are just his fiancée in order to find that one.

93 / A


adidas adicross Tour

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The adicross Tour Spikeless features premium, full-grain leather uppers combined with a ripstop nylon saddle. The use of the full-grain leather helps in avoiding the plastic look that plagues shoes made with synthetic materials. The adicross Tour Spikeless is guaranteed to be waterproof for two years. The leather tongue is perforated for breathability, but we experienced no problems with water seepage through several early morning rounds of sloshing through overwatered fairways and rough.

The other benefit of the leather construction is the ease in cleaning up the adicross Tour Spikeless. Dirt wiped right off, and did not stain the white leather. Presumably any scuff marks could be treated with commercially available shoe cleaners.

92 / A-

The leather uppers were relatively flexible and the foam insole supplied ample cushioning. As a result, the adicross Tour Spikeless golf shoes were extremely comfortable on the course without any need for a breaking-in period.

The adicross Tour Spikeless weighed in at 1.8 pounds for the pair, and though that technically sets them on the higher end of the range, they still felt relatively light. The shoes had good breathability and kept our feet at comfortable temperatures (although we didn’t try them on any scorching hot days).

Traction is achieved through a “lots of dots/spikes” outsole, with concentrations of larger spikes toward the ball of the foot and the heel. When we say “spikes” here, we don’t mean actual spikes, but rather just pointier plastic/rubber shapes on the sole. Slipping wasn’t a problem during any of our test rounds.

92 / A-

The adidas adicross Tour Spikeless have an MSRP of $150, which isn’t cheap. But remember that a single pair of these shoes can supplant the need to buy separate pairs of golf shoes for long pants and shorts, so it’s not such a bad bargain. It’s a good-looking, comfortable pair of shoes – thumbs up from us!