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I recently tested over 15 golf shoes to give you a better idea of what is out there in 2023. I was impressed with the overall feel and comfort but surprised by the lack of stability and traction in some of the top models out there. 

Overall you will notice that golf shoes have changed considerably through the years, and comfort is no longer something you have to sacrifice. Take a look at what I thought of the best golf shoes on the market. 

Our Top 5 Picks

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Footjoy Pro SL Sport

The FootJoy Pro SL is a perfect middle ground between the sporty and classic-looking golf shoe. If you are ready to move away from something like the FootJoy original, the FootJoy Pro SL Sport is a breathable, lightweight shoe that looks a bit more modern. This Pro SL Sport comes with a 2 year waterproof warranty.

The performance mesh material does a pretty good job of keeping water out as it utilizes a new TPU Hot Melt top layer. In the midsole of the shoe, the StratoFoam technology increases overall comfort.


  • 2 year waterproof warranty
  • Mesh shoe with waterproof technology
  • Stable footprint, but the shoe does not include replaceable spikes
  • Lightweight midsole cushioning


  • Some people prefer traditional spikes; these do not come with any

Bottom Line:

I liked this shoe and found it to be a good mix of sporty and classic looking shoes. The bottom spikes are not replaceable, so don’t expect this one to last forever.

True Linkswear Knit II

Even though the Skechers was a comfortable golf shoe, it still had difficulty competing with the True Linkswear Knit II. These have medium traction and are incredibly lightweight; I felt very connected to the ground because of the design of the shoe.

This is a true knit golf shoe, so don’t expect there to be tremendous stability or waterproof technology. In fact, I like this more from a fashion and comfort standpoint than for anything else. If you are a golfer that goes back and forth from the workplace to the course, this shoe never has to come off.


  • The Knit design makes the shoe very breathable
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great for walking on dry days


  • Not good for wet weather
  • Stability is not great
  • Would not use with a faster swing speed

Bottom Line:

I see this shoe as a perfect fit for a casual nine holes of walking on a sunny afternoon. You can walk into the 19th hole after, and you will still look great; others will wonder if you are wearing golf shoes.

Nike Roshe G

The Nike Roshe G is a really fairly priced golf shoe with a breathable and lightweight material. This is a really low profile shoe that has no spikes. At first, I thought I would like the lower profile so that I could wear it with shorts and feel like it’s a more lightweight shoe, but it does bring up some concerns with overall stability.

Nike did provide a wraparound heel that makes it a bit more stable and helps with rotational support. However, I still felt like my foot was not totally in it. The foam midsole makes this a comfortable shoe.


  • Very fair price point
  • Sporty look
  • Foam midsole for better cushioning


  • Feels like your foot is not all the way in
  • Lacks support

Bottom Line:

I like this shoe to go hit some golf balls at the range or for a beginner that doesn’t want to spend money on something like an Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid. In the end, you get what you pay for when it comes to golf shoes.

G/Fore Gallivanter

GFore may have the brand power of something like FootJoy, Adidas, Skechers, or New Balance get, but they are really growing and even getting a stronger presence on the PGA Tour. One thing you will quickly learn about the G/Fore is that they are not afraid to think outside the box. This G/Fore Skull Embossed Gallivanter is a premium 100% waterproof golf shoe with plenty of extra comfort built in.

Inside the shoe, there is a unique dimpled liner that adds some comfort, but it is also 100% anti-microbial to help improve the longevity of the shoe. Another great feature here is the overall look of the shoe, it’s certainly different, but it’s not over the top. You may be the only one at your golf club with something unique like this.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Padded interior and nice inner liner
  • The footbed is machine washable
  • High-quality construction


  • Fit is narrow, be aware when you order
  • Expensive
  • Spikes cannot be replaced

Bottom Line:

For golfers ready to move away from FootJoy but still, to look for some comfort, stability, and performance, G/Fore is a good brand to consider. I liked the foam midsole and overall comfort of these waterproof golf shoes; they were just a bit on the high side regarding total pricing.


The Ecco Biom H4 is a premium shoe with 100% Gore-Tex waterproof protection. Like all modern Ecco shoes in this premiere series, expect the Biom Natural Motion technology to keep you closer to the ground and more stable throughout your swing. This Biom 4 has a firm feel and plenty of arch support.

If you are not looking for a really comfortable or cushioned golf shoe, these features could be good. The base of support from H4 is very sturdy; however, I felt a little side-to-side movement; make sure to find the right width in this shoe. The overall style of Ecco shoes is unique, and you have to be into that more European look.


  • Spikeless golf shoe with medium traction
  • Made with durable Ecco leather
  • Comfortable golf shoe with enough support in the base


  • Not a cheap shoe
  • It could run a little wide
  • Concerned about longevity at this price point

Bottom Line:

The way I look at Ecco shoes is that either you are all in and an Ecco person or not. If it’s your first time going with an Ecco, make the switch to their Gore-Tex and Biom technology. Those are the two things that make the shoe stand out.


The Adidas Code Chaos 22 is a comfortable, breathable golf shoe made from recycled materials. This shoe had some standout features in the comfort category and traction but lacked a bit regarding a durable interior.

Adidas Code Chaos 22 is a spikeless shoe, its stability is a bit better than average, and you will feel a connection with the turf. I didn’t love the interior of the shoe and the longevity it may have.

The traction here was impressive. Even when going after a drive, I did not feel the foot sliding or slipping at all. In fact, I felt like there was too much traction. When trying to turn through, it almost felt like I was glued to the ground. Not a great choice for indoor practice in a simulator or hitting off of mats.


  • A great mix of function and comfort
  • Enough traction even for high swing speeds
  • Good connection with the ground
  • Waterproof film to help in wet conditions


  • Too much traction for mat practice
  • Not the best fit for walking
  • Some durability concerns with the interior

Bottom Line:

These are comfortable golf shoes with a sporty look, impressive traction (even in wet conditions), and a breathable and lightweight feel.

Adidas Tour360 22

The Adidas Tour360 has been around for a long time, but there were some changes to the new 22 model. Overall this is a high-quality shoe with a great look and feel. Adidas has perfected the 360Wrap design to help provide plenty of support throughout the course of the round.

With the Adidas Tour 360 22 being one of the better shoes in the Adidas lineup, it has a slightly higher price point. In addition, the feel here is just a little heavier than others on the market. However, when it comes to stability, it’s an impressive shoe. With oversized spikes and a high-quality plastic base, you won’t slip or slide when playing.


  • Classic looking shoe
  • Premium design and materials
  • Spikemore Traction outsole for better performance
  • Premium insole sock liner
  • Made with some recycled materials


  • Priced a bit high
  • A little heavy for the golfer that likes to walk the golf course

Bottom Line:

If you have a fast swing speed and want some stability and traction, these Adidas Tour 360 spiked golf shoes are a great option. 


Ecco is a golf manufacturer known for making premium golf shoes, most of them waterproof and comfortable. The Ecco Biom C4 does not look like the other Ecco shoes as it is a bit sportier looking and it is very comfortable. This is a spikeless design built with the Gore-Tex Surround that we see in better waterproof golf shoes.

However, I didn’t like the price point on these shoes for what you get. I don’t mind paying for an Ecco that feels incredibly stable and has that classic Ecco look, but this just feels like I could get a better deal on a different pair of golf shoes. Be aware that there is a ton of arch support here, maybe too much for some players.


  • Spikeless golf shoe with decent traction
  • Sportier feel than other Eccos
  • Biom Natural Motion Technology
  • Removable OrthoLite insole for better cushioning and breathability


  • Runs about a half size too big
  • The price point felt a little too high
  • Very heavy

Bottom Line:

If you want a sporty Ecco golf shoe, this is a good choice, but I think that the premium Ecco Biom H4 makes more sense for those playing golf often.

Footjoy HyperFlex BOA

If you think that FootJoy makes all classic-looking saddle shoes, think again. The FootJoy HyperFlex BOA is a really unique, sporty-looking golf shoe made with a waterproof mesh material. I found this shoe incredibly comfortable; I compared it to wearing a pair of thick socks.

The side straps from the BOA system ensure a more stable fit around the upper part of the foot, and getting a customized fit is incredibly easy with the BOA system in place. The mesh upper is waterproof, but I won’t tell you it’s the same as a premium leather or Gore-Tex technology golf shoe when it comes to water resistance.


  • Spiked shoes with good stability from Footjoy
  • Sportier look
  • BOA system in place
  • Considered a waterproof shoe
  • More comfortable than others on the market, comparable to running shoes


  • Waterproof mesh is not always the best way to keep the Footbed dry
  • Not a classic-looking FootJoy

Bottom Line:

If you are ready to make a move to a sportier-looking shoe that is comfy and stable, the FootJoy BOA could be a great choice. It’s a good mix of the old and the new.

Footjoy Originals

When you think about golf shoes that all other golf shoes are based on, the FootJoy Originals probably come to mind. This is a traditional golf shoe at a great price point, and the shoe offers some great technology. However, if you are not careful about the colors you choose here, you may look like you are wearing your original FootJoy from 30 years ago.

The traction pattern on the FootJoy originals will keep you on your feet, but you can tell the technology lacks a bit compared to the Pro SL Sport. Overall you can see why the price point on these originals is a little lower than some other models.


  • Great price point
  • Comfortable
  • Average traction


  • Feels a little plastic or cheap compared to other FootJoys
  • Expect a crease in the toe line that could wear down quickly

Bottom Line:

If you like a classic-looking shoe with soft spikes and don’t want to overpay, the FootJoy originals can work. However, this is certainly not the most technologically advanced golf shoe.

Footjoy Premiere

The FootJoy Premiere is a great-looking golf shoe made with high quality materials. At first, I thought that this shoe was going to check all the boxes for performance, but it left me feeling like I was walking around on concrete. However, this was not the case; the Premier is surprisingly comfortable and versatile.

The Premier is a waterproof shoe, and the shoe does not feel like it rolls at all when you swing. It took me a little time to break my FootJoy Premiere in, the shoe doesn’t feel uncomfortable, just incredibly sturdy, and it takes a little bit to break it in.


  • Excellent traction with spikes and Versatrax Technology
  • Great looking classic shoe
  • Variety of color combinations
  • Keeps you stable during your entire swing
  • Premium and durable material


  • Takes a little time to break in
  • Looks better with pants than with shorts

Bottom Line:

There are some of the best-looking golf shoes in the game. Men’s golf shoes have changed quite a bit through the years, and it’s nice to have this professional and classic-looking design to go back to if necessary.

Footjoy Tour Alpha

The FootJoy Tour Alpha is a premium golf shoe for the most demanding players. You can choose between a tie, single BOA, or double BOA technology. The shoe features the premium ChromoSkin Leather developed by Pittards of England, so it is built to last.

Overall stability and look of this shoe are good, and of course, you get the waterproof leather technology. My main issue or concern with the FootJoy Tour Alpha was the way the angle and the heel connect; I actually developed a blister the first few times I wore these on the golf course.

Be smart about the size you get and the overall fit if you want to ensure you have comfort walking down the fairway.


  • Reinforced heel cup for more stability
  • Option for BOA technology
  • Classic looking
  • More cushion in the Footbed


  • Risk of a blister on heel because of the way the shoe comes up in the back
  • Feels a little wider than other FootJoys and can have you feeling a slight slide in the golf swing

Bottom Line:

This was not my favorite FootJoy, but I can see why guys on the PGA Tour may wear this shoe. The overall stability and traction were impressive; just be aware of the fit and the fact that it does slide just a little.

Nike Air Jordan 12 Low

Nike may have stopped making golf equipment, but they still make golf shoes, and golfers are still crazy about them. The Jordan shoes are one of those “if you know, you know” kind of things. You are either a Jordan shoe guy, or you are not. With the Nike Air Jordan 12 Low, I felt like I could head out to the basketball court or the golf course (shocker!).

These are bulky, but they are built to be bulky. I felt guilty getting them dirty on the golf course and almost wanted to keep this for a range shoe or just to take a picture with! The shoes feel like you are walking on a cloud, and they are considerably higher than most golf shoes.

Overall stability was good, and there are traditional spikes for better traction. The Nike Air Jordan golf shoes are designed for a specific player; you have to decide if that’s you.


  • Looks like a traditional Jordan
  • Good stability
  • Laces go up higher, giving your foot a better hold


  • Have to be into this style of shoe
  • Come up higher than other golf shoes

Bottom Line:

I mean, they’re Jordan’s. If you’re into the Jordan basketball shoes, then you’ll be into these.

Nike Airmax 270 G

The Nike Airmax 270G is a breathable and flexible shoe that almost feels like a tennis sneaker. The material the shoe is made of is almost like a sleeve on a jacket. I like the way it feels, but I am worried about what it will be like cleaning over time.

The Nike Airmax 270G has a tight fit, making them feel more stable. Whenever I wear a more sneaker-like golf shoe, I always worry about energy return and ensuring that I get the most out of my stored-up power in the backswing; with the 270G, I had no trouble maximizing speed in my swing.


  • Comfortable enough for an everyday shoe
  • Unique material is flexible and breathable
  • Stable feel with reinforced plastic heel


  • Not great in wet conditions
  • The bottom of the shoe is not as durable as the best spikeless golf shoes

Bottom Line:

For a dry day on the golf course playing a casual round with friends, this a great shoe. I wouldn’t suggest it for a tournament situation or poor weather.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next

One of the things I noticed throughout my testing is that the Nike golf shoes do a great job of allowing for airflow and lightweight comfort. The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next has more stability than the Roshe and oversized spikes to help increase traction and energy transfer.

The Air Zoom Infinity allows your foot to stay cool, and the plush padded collar does keep the heel in place without it being painful. I found this to be a good mix between a premium shoe and a cheaper sneaker-like shoe.


  • Innovative and sporty
  • Durable sole
  • Breathable and lightweight


  • Not good shoes for poor weather

Bottom Line:

For a fairly priced golf shoe, the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next has some really great stability; in addition, the increased airflow makes the shoe seem more comfortable.

Puma Ignite Articulate

The Puma Ignite Articulate is a really great basic shoe with an 8-cleat traction pattern. The Tornado cleats provide more traction in the areas where golfers need it the most. There is also a ton of support for your foot with the articulation engineering they incorporated into the shoe.

I liked the fact that the shoe was waterproof but also waterproof. In addition, it was a comfortable, almost socklike feel when putting the Puma Ignite on. I like sporty golf shoes that don’t look overly sporty, and this one checks those boxes.


  • Waterproof technology
  • Support and stability throughout the swing from 8 cleat pattern
  • Ignite foam technology creates a sock like feel inside the shoe


  • Very basic look
  • Takes some time to get the laces correct, would be better with BOA type technology

Bottom Line:

If you want a basic-looking golf shoe that does a good job of keeping you in place when you take a fast swing, the Puma Ignite Articulate is a great option to consider.

Puma Ignite Fasten8 Disc

The Puma Ignite Fasten 8 Disc is a really easy-to-use shoe with a BOA system for a fair price. Many of the other BOA choices on the market are higher price points, so I like the option for that tight fit at a fair number. Overall the stability and traction from the shoe are about average.

I would not use this for a rainy day on the golf course, and probably not for a morning round if I walked. However, it is lightweight and has enough cushioning for a dry summer day on the course. The performance mesh material was breathable and comfortable; sometimes, I prefer it to a leather upper.


  • Easy to get the fit correct
  • Fair price point
  • A lightweight shoe, even with BOA


  • Not great for wet weather
  • BOA system feels a little more flimsy than other shoes

Bottom Line:

Overall the Puma Ignite Fasten 8 Disc gives you a chance for BOA fit technology at a fair price. The shoe is easy to use and has a unique overall look.

Skechers Go Golf Torque Pro

If you like a comfortable golf shoe and you don’t care how it looks, the Skechers Go Golf Torque Pro could be a great option for you. In fact, this was one of the most comfortable golf shoes we tried; unfortunately, it was also one of the ugliest.

The Skechers Go Golf Torque Pro has 8 spikes, and it is a waterproof shoe. The Lightweight Ultra Go foam cushioning makes this a good shoe for walking, although with the way it looks, I would rather use it in a home simulator situation!


  • Waterproof design
  • Cushioning comfort insole
  • Lightweight shoe with incredible comfort


  • Not a great-looking shoe
  • Color combinations are ugly
  • Not the greatest from a stability standpoint

Bottom Line:

The Skechers Go Golf Torque Pro were my least favorite shoes from a looks perspective. However, they are really comfortable. You have to weigh the good with the bad here.

True Linkswear Original 1.2

The True Linkswear Original 1.2 is described as a perfect shoe for a 36 hole day. After trying this out, we can certainly attest that the waterproof technology is great and that you can walk with this shoe and still stay comfortable throughout your entire round.

I liked the wide-toe cap on the True Linkswear Original 1.2. It gave me room for my toes to spread out, which made walking the golf course more enjoyable. Overall there is medium traction here; it’s a spikeless shoe, so on wet days, you may slip a little.


  • Good waterproof technology
  • Room for toes to spread out when walking
  • Very comfortable golf shoes
  • Medium traction, not bad for spikeless


  • Fashion forward style may not appeal to all players
  • Not the best shoe for fast swing speeds on a wet day

Bottom Line:

The True Linkswear Original 1.2 is a good spikeless golf shoe with waterproof technology. I don’t like the look of the knit shoe from True Linkswear, but if you need waterproof technology, this would be the way to go.

Under Armour HOVR Fade 2 SL

The Under Armour HOVR Fade 2 SL is a lighter shoe that reminds me a little of the FootJoy SL. It has a better price point than FootJoy but is not quite as impressive. Overall this is a mid-level shoe aimed at the average golfer.

Overall comfort was quite good, it has a sleek design to it, and it’s not a flashy or loud shoe. Even though this is a middle-of-the-road shoe, I was impressed that it had better comfort than some of the premium options. The bottom line here is that Under Armour knows what athletes need, and the HOVR Fade 2 SL is a good representation of that.


  • A lighter shoe with plenty of stability built-in
  • Comfortable
  • One of the more stable Under Armour options
  • Sleek looking


  • Not as stable as a FootJoy golf shoe
  • The mid-level shoe doesn’t have the same features as more premium options

Bottom Line:

Great shoe at a fair price point but I wouldn’t put it over the FootJoy SL which is a comparable option.

Under Armour HOVR Tour SL

The Under Armour HOVR Tour SL is a knit material golf shoe that has a unique look to it. This is a shoe built for a golfer with a narrow foot, and it is a tighter fit. Some players like to have shoes that lace up tight and feel as though they are grabbing your foot in place; I’m not one of them.

Under the laces of the shoe, there is really no padding, so you feel the laces dig in a bit as you get through a round. Overall stability was good, but in general, we noticed that Under Armour doesn’t compare from a stability standpoint to the FootJoy golf shoes.


  • Good traction for spikeless
  • Sporty look
  • The tight fit keeps the foot in place throughout the swing


  • Not the most stable shoe
  • Can be a bit uncomfortable under the laces

Bottom Line:

Some golfers feel like they get more power, stability, and traction when a shoe is tight on their foot; if that describes you, the Under Armour HOVR Tour SL is a great option to consider. Just be careful of the fit on this one.

What To Look For In The Best Golf Shoes


Golf shoes range from around $60 to more than $250. Try to consider how often you play and how many pairs of shoes you want to buy. I like having two or three pairs of shoes to mix it up for playing conditions and comfort.

The bottom line here is that we saw some shoes that were $90 that were just as good as those that were $150. Don’t choose based on price alone.


Comfort is a relatively new concept for golfers. There is no reason to play with golf shoe that is uncomfortable. Golf shoe manufacturers have learned how to incorporate cushioning and support into the shoe to make it easier for you to get through a round.

I really like golf shoes that have a removable insole; it makes it easier to find something that fits me exactly. In addition, the Ortholite Technology that does not deteriorate when it’s used is a great option as well.

Stability & Traction

Golf shoes should allow you to feel stable without making you feel as though you are locked into the ground. In other words, I want to be able to turn, but I don’t want to slide around when I’m swinging.

Overall the spiked golf shoes were more stable and had better traction. This does not mean I will only buy spiked golf shoes. I like the feel of spikeless, and there are more options for unique looks and styles with spikeless that I also enjoy.

When you have a fast swing speed, and you like to walk the course in poor weather, pay very close attention to stability and traction.


Most waterproof golf shoes come with a one or two-year waterproof warranty. Take full advantage of this warranty. If your foot gets wet under normal conditions, they will fix or replace your shoe for you. Keep this in mind, so many gofers assume that the warranty is not worth following up with, but it absolutely is.


Golf shoe style changes from year to year. You can call me old school, but I like to have a pair of traditional golf shoes in my lineup at all times. I think there is something about playing in a tournament or at a top golf course that calls for something a little nicer than a sneaker.

Most of the more classic-looking golf shoes have a slightly higher price point and a bit less comfort. For me, that is worth still worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best golf shoes on the market. I’ll say it again; our testing taught us a lot about how different each of these shoes truly is.

What are the best golf shoes to wear?

The best golf shoes for golfers are those with traction, stability, support, and comfort. Although style and look are important, the more stable golf shoes are going to be the ones that actually help you get more distance. Yes, the right golf shoes can get you more distance.

What is the best color golf shoe?

White golf shoes are the classic color, but they do get dirty. Many players are moving towards a gray color to help hide some of the dirt. I like to have a pair of dark shoes and a pair of white shoes to match my clothing and to match the course conditions for the day.

What are some of the benefits of having the best golf shoes?

The biggest benefit of having the best golf shoes is to create a better connection with the ground and therefore generate more power. When you have great golf shoes, you can absolutely hit the golf ball further. Some companies actually test and measure how much further players are hitting the ball with certain shoes on, and the differences can be anywhere from 5-8 yards.

What is the name of the company that manufactures the best golf shoes?

FootJoy has typically considered the best golf shoe manufacturer. However, there are other companies on the market that are starting to be just as well known. These include Adidas, Under Armour, Ecco, Sqairz, and Skechers.

Final Thoughts

I hope that my test of the best golf shoes has given you some more direction as to which is the best for you. I always try to e honest about the shoes I try, and of course, some of this is my personal opinion. If you think the Skechers Go Golf shoes look great, good for you. However, one thing we probably can both agree on is that FootJoy does a great job with stability, and there are some really comfortable golf shoes on the market this year.

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Britt has close to 30 years of experience in the game of golf. She has played college golf, turned professional and worked as a Class A PGA teaching professional, and has years of writing experience. Her passion is for sharing what she knows about the game and helping others succeed. If Britt is not writing catch her on the golf course as she still loves to play golf several days a week.

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