The Best Golf Sunglasses For 2023: Reviews and Buying Guide

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As a blue-eyed golfer, I have struggled with glare on the golf course for most of my life, which forced me to squint to block it out. Fortunately, polarized shades changed the game, and I now traverse the links comfortably. In this post, I reveal the best sunglasses for golf to help you achieve the same peace.

Our list of the best golf sunglasses features UV protection, water-resistant resistant, and models with super clear optics. In addition, I examined the comfort and style of every eyewear option to enhance your appearance on the fairway.

Oakley Portal X - Overall Best Pair of Golf Sunglasses

The best golf sunglasses offer an array of lens colors, 100% UV protection, and polarized lens technology. All these features eliminate glare and protect the immediate vicinity around the eye on sunny days. I find the Oakley Portal X ticks all these boxes and deserves the crown of the overall winner.

Oakley Prizm technology improves the contrast and color in different light for superior depth perception in all conditions. In addition, it blocked glare 99% of the time, which was sufficient to prevent distraction during my pre-shot routine and swing.

Next, the High Definition Optic technology ensured clear views from every angle to help me follow my golf ball when hitting into bright light. I often face this challenge during early morning rounds on my east-facing golf course.

Finally, Oakley offers its premium Portal X golf lenses in 15 colors to suit every taste, from colorful to neutral.


  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Polarized: Yes
  • UV Protection: 100%
  • Lens Width: Medium – XL
  • Lens Colors: 15


  • Polarized lenses restrict glare
  • High definition optics
  • Protects your skin from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays
  • The lenses are available in 15 colors
  • No slip nose grip keeps them stable at impact


  • Not the cheapest pair of sunglasses
  • They are large and look awkward on narrow faces

Bottom Line:

The Oakley Portal X sunglasses stand out from their peers for their clear optics, a wealth of lens options, and protection from harmful UV rays. In addition, the Prizm golf technology blocked out most glare to keep me focused on each shot. Finally, the no-slip pad held the glasses in place as I struck the ball.

Tifosi Optics Swick - Best Budget Golf Sunglasses

High-quality golf sunglasses can run you a fortune, but look hard enough, and you can find entry-level shades with premium features. In my experience, the Tifosi Optics Swick glasses are your best bet for a budget set of sunglasses that shield from UV rays and offer a comfortable fit.

The Tifosi Swick sunglasses proved super light and comfortable for a round of golf. They also survived a few falls thanks to their durable, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. Adding to its comfort were non-slip nose pads, which held these unisex glasses firm at contact.

Despite their budget price tag, these medium to XL sunglasses held firm against UVA and UVB rays to shield your eyes and skin.

I appreciated the variety of colors in which Tifosi offers its best lenses for a budget. No fewer than 14 colors await your choosing, ranging from standard Blackout to Smoke Red.


  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Polarized: No
  • UV Protection: 100%
  • Size: Medium – XL
  • Lens Colors: 14


  • Super affordable price
  • Shatterproof lenses
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Non-slip nose pads
  • Lifetime warranty on factory defect


  • They are not polarized
  • The medium to extra large size glasses are loose on narrow faces

Bottom Line:

Although the Tifosi Optics Swick lacks the polarized technology of high-end sunglasses, it offers a comfortable fit, durability, and UV protection. This impressed me, considering they cost a fifth of some of the items on this list.

Callaway Sungear Eagle Golf - Best Polarized Golf Sunglasses

Eliminating glare is handy on the golf course as you require optimal vision to follow your golf ball into the distance. Polarized sunglasses, like the Callaway Sungear pair, are the best way to prevent glare and ensure protection from UV rays.

These sunglasses boast advanced P2X polarized technology that adjusts impressively to surrounding light for superior clarity. In addition, the wraparound design ensures increased security while walking and swinging.

The quality optics are further aided by an 8-base lens which enables the ideal light to enter the glasses for greater clarity and depth perception. I enjoyed the adjustable nose pads that allowed me to achieve my preferred fit.

Lastly, the Callaway design team crafted the Sungear Eagle golf sunglasses in 8 distinct colors. Unfortunately, none are as bright and cheerful as Tifosi and Oakley shades.


  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Polarized: Yes
  • UV Protection: 100%
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Lens Colors: 8


  • Optimal polarized technology
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Adjustable nose pads
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Exceptionally comfortable


  • No bright colors
  • Moderately expensive golf sunglasses

Bottom Line:

The Callaway Sungear glasses feature advanced polarized technology, restricting glare and protecting my eyes from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Plus, it afforded me the adjustable nose pads to alter the fit for greater comfort.

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL - Best UV Protected Sport Sunglasses

UV-protected sunglasses shield your skin from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays to prevent sunburn and glare around the eyes. I felt the Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL sunglasses excelled in this department thanks to its effective Prizm lenses that enhanced my vision on the links.

Oakley employed lightweight O Matter frames, which offered comfortable wear throughout my round. I also noticed the stability enhancements induced by the high-wrap design and straight edges to keep it firmly attached to my head. Plus, they threw in a complimentary Oakley leash for added security.

The Half Jacket 2.0 XL glasses feature nose pads that keep the glasses in place on my face, even when I am sweating. In addition, these sunglasses are crafted in 8 colors and includes a care kit for an extended lifespan.

My only gripe with these sunglasses is that not all are Polarized, which considering their price, is a letdown. However, I tried the Matte Black Prizm design, which was polarized and offered incredible optics.


  • Frame Material: O Matter
  • Polarized: Some options
  • UV Protection: 100%
  • Lens Width: 62 mm
  • Lens Colors: 8


  • Maximum UV protection
  • Magnificient optics
  • Lightweight and secure frame
  • Comfortable and stable nose pads
  • The package includes a leash for added security


  • Some designs do not feature polarized lenses
  • Expensive

Bottom Line:

The Prizm technology and polarized lenses made the matte black Half Jacket 2.0 XL a highly protective pair of shades. The glare-resistant nature of sunglasses also helped me see the line of each putt clearer to neutralize bright light in my path.

Overall, this pair best suits golfers who usually play in sunny or overcast weather and are vulnerable to harsh rays.

Nike Windshield Elite Pro - Most Comfortable Golf Sunglasses

Uncomfortable sunglasses can annoy golfers and obliterate your focus, causing your golf game to suffer. The Nike Windshield Elite Pro solves this challenge by providing players a comfortable design that cushions their temple and remains secure throughout your round.

Of all the golf sunglasses I tested for 2023, this pair offered a soft feel around the temple area. Nike engineers added Cushioned Rubber Temple Tips for a soft feel around the sides. Plus, it boosted the security of the glasses and kept them stable throughout my golf swing.

I felt the frames were lightweight, adding to their comfort and making them bearable to wear for 18 holes. Apart from the frame, the lenses shone because of their Max Optics and Pro Cut Lens design. The enhanced optics boosted my visibility while the lens increased coverage dramatically.

I enjoyed the optimal airflow around the eye region onset by a ventilation contraption between the frame and lenses. This kept me fresh, comfortable, and dry, limiting the risk of fogging up.


  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Polarized: No
  • UV Protection: 100%
  • Lens Width: 60 mm
  • Lens Colors: 3


  • Provides superb comfort
  • Breathable to prevent fogging
  • UV resistant
  • Cushioned frames
  • The secure design remains in place while hitting or walking


  • Limited colors
  • Non-polarized lenses

Bottom Line:

The Nike Windshield Elite Pro golfers deserve their prize for the most comfortable sunglasses for golf in 2023. They have comfortable, cushioned temple tips and offer maximum breathability to prevent fogging. Plus, they provide clear optics for better vision in any light.

Bolle Bolt 2.0 Phantom - Best Anti-Fog Sunglasses For Golfers

Fogged-up sunglasses is a frustrating experience that I endured numerous times with my first pairs of sunnies. However, premium golf glasses like the Bolle Bolt 2.0 Phantom solve this issue by creating airflow between the lenses and the frame.

These glasses feature an adjustable nose pad which enables you to alter the position for a comfortable, stable fit without impacting airflow. As a result, the sunglasses remain in place throughout your swing and resist fogging up for clear optics.

Because of the Photochromic technology, I saw the lens tint change in conditions varying from blue light to overcast and sunny. This made it easier to adjust my vision and better judge distances to improve my control on approach.

Added to its optics were a super comfy feel and a secure fit thanks to its Thermogrip thermoplastic rubber grip. It cushioned my temple and provided an elevated grip even when I was sweating or in light rain.


  • Frame Material: nylon
  • Polarized: Yes
  • UV Protection: 100%
  • Lens Width: 76 mm
  • Lens Colors: 9


  • Anti-fog sunglasses
  • Ensures a comfortable, secure fit
  • Padded nosepiece and temple pads
  • Offered in 9 colors
  • Crystal clear optics


  • They cost a premium
  • Broad fit does not suit narrow face structures

Bottom Line:

The Bolle Bolt 2.0 Phantom is a high-quality pair of sunglasses that prevented fogging up, produced exceptional optics, a comfortable fit, and maximum security. It suits the serious golfer looking for clearer vision, comfort, and style in all light conditions.

Finally, I appreciated the range of color frames and lenses available in the Bolle Bolt 2.0 Phantom range. There are 9 colors to choose from, but my favorite was the Phantom Brown Red design.

Under Armour Playmaker Tuned - Clearest Optics

I tested multiple sunglasses with enhanced optics in 2023, but the Under Armour Playmaker Tuned consistently outplayed its rivals. Maybe it is because they are built specifically for golf, or it is to do with their water and smudge-resistant coating. Either way, my vision was clear in sunny and overcast conditions.

The trademark Under Armour Tuned golf lenses increased the range and coverage of my visibility, making it easier to track my golf ball. At no point in my round did I feel like the glasses would fall, which I owe to the rubber, non-slip temples. As a result, I enjoyed a secure fit throughout.

Under Armour engineers also implanted an Auto-lock stop hinge, which supported the non-slip temples for improved security. Plus, the nose pads on the golf shades are fully adjustable to achieve your desired fit.

In my experience, the Playmaker Tuned possessed 100% UV-resistant lenses to prevent sunburn and skin irritation around the eyes. Lastly, the sunglasses are sold with a durable zippered case to keep them in your golf bag


  • Frame Material: Thermoplastic
  • Polarized: No
  • Size: Medium to large
  • Lens Colors: 1


  • Crystal clear optics
  • Easy to follow your golf ball
  • Comfortable fit
  • 100% UV resistant
  • Water and smudge resistant


  • The medium to large size may not fit everyone
  • Limited color options

Bottom Line:

Out of the sunglasses I tested in 2022, none were better built solely for golf than the Under Armour Playmaker Tuned. I found it easy to follow my ball as it traveled into the distance, and the lightweight frames and padding provided a comfortable, secure fit.

Nike Show X3 - Most Secure Golf Sunglasses

In my youth, I enjoyed the style of Rayban aviator sunglasses, but they were horrible on the golf course. Every time I struck my golf ball, they fell off, which prompted me to seek a secure pair like the Nike Show X3.

The X3 range sports adjustable temple arms allowing me to alter the setup for a secure fit. Plus, the rubber padding offers sublime traction to keep the glasses in place during my round.

A floating nose pad provided a gap for air to flow around the eye area to keep my face fresh and dry. Plus, I enjoyed the anti-fog ventilation holes dotted around the frame, which also prompted increased airflow.

Its breathability prevented sweat build-up in this region, enhancing my comfort on the links. Added to its comfort and security are impressive Max optics designed for crystal clear vision and improved depth perception.

Nike crafted the X3 sunglasses with an Optical Clip-In system for interchangeable lenses, making it easy for players to deploy prescription lenses. Finally, the Show X3 range is offered in different frames and lens patterns.


  • Frame Material: Plastic/ Castor Bean Oil
  • Polarized: No
  • UV Protection: 100%
  • Size: Medium
  • Lens Colors: 4


  • Super secure during your swing
  • Enhanced optics
  • Exceptional breathability
  • Anti-fog ventilation
  • Allows you to add or remove prescription lenses


  • Premium price tag
  • Minimal colored lenses and frames

Bottom Line:

The Nike Show X3 pair delivered the most secure fit of all golf sunglasses this year, thanks to its adjustable temple arm. However, it also produced impeccable optics and generated maximum airflow to keep my skin cool around the eyes.

Oakley Frogskins - Best Looking Golf Glasses

We close our list of the top sunglasses for golf with the best-looking pair for 2023. The Oakley Frogskins are available in 8 fashionable colors. If you ask me, I like the matte tortoise frame, which is simple and matches most colored shirts and belts. In addition, it produces incredible clarity and a lightweight fit.

Besides their retro designs, Oakley engineers are proud of the High Definition Optics (HDO) produced by the Frogskins. The HDO is aided by Prizm technology which improves and enhances the color in your sightline to see further and more clearly.

I also noticed that despite their lightweight construction, the O Matter frames provided superb durability and were comfortable to wear.

The Frogskins remained secure while walking, but I felt the design struggled on high-impact shots and fell off from time to time. Finally, Oakley affords you the option of polarized or iridium lenses. Polarized are more expensive and resist glare for longer. Iridium is a coat that deflects rays away from the lenses.


  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Polarized: No
  • UV Protection: 100%
  • Size: XL
  • Lens Colors: 8


  • 8, fashionable designs
  • High definition optics
  • Lightweight, durable frames
  • Available in iridium and polarized lens options
  • Enhances color and contrast


  • They came loose on high-impact strikes
  • Moderately expensive

Bottom Line:

The retro 80’s look of the Oakley Frogskins is clean, simple, attractive, and appeals to the fashionistas among us. There are 8 bright and colorful options for you to select to show your playing partners you have style. My only complaint is that they are prone to falling off on high-impact strikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

In my experience, polarized sunglasses with no-slip nose pads and maximum UV resistance are best for golfing. A prime example is the Oakley Portal X shades, our best overall sunglasses for golfing in 2023.

Are Polarized Lenses Better For Golf?

Yes, in my experience, polarized eye lenses are better for golf because they offer superior glare resistance and UV protection. As a result, I find my eyes suffer less strain after a day out in bright conditions thanks to their ability to adjust to the light and neutralize the effects.

Should You Wear Sunglasses While Golfing?

Yes, I suggest wearing sunglasses while golfing to protect your eyes from glare damage and your skin from burning. I always wear sunglasses on the golf course because my eyes are sensitive and if bright outside, I spend 18 holes squinting to avoid the harsh light.

What Sunglasses Does Tiger Woods Use?

Tiger Woods wears Nike Show X2 or Nike Siege 2, although he is rumored to appreciate Oakley shades. According to the PGA Tour, the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL is popular among Tour pros for their enhanced clarity, UV resistance, and comfort.

What Are The Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses When Golfing?

Sunglasses help golfers reduce glare into the eyes and protects your skin from harmful UV rays. As a result, your eyes remain protected and minimize the risk of sunburn around the eyes.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the best sunglasses for golf in 2023, time to start protecting your eyes and enhancing your vision on the golf course. Use the high-definition optics provided by golf sunglasses to follow your ball and improve your green reading.

While some golfers might be surprised to see brands like Maui Jim and Ray Ban omitted, I am confident the above 9 products are the top performers.

Players willing to make a long-term investment in a complete pair of sunglasses should look at the Oakley Portal X. These golf sunglasses prevent glare most of the time and adjust the color of the lenses accordingly for clear vision and comfortable wear.

In addition, the Portal X glasses are available in an impressive 15 different lenses and frame colors to cater to traditionalists and trendy golfers. If the Oakley Portal X has your attention, you can take a closer look on Amazon.

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