The Best Golf Training Aids 2023

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When I started playing golf, training aids were few and far between. We did not even possess alignment sticks to improve our aim. Instead, we used other golf clubs, and there was nothing to improve club head speed. In this post, I disclose how far we have come by unveiling the best golf training aids for 2023.

I have included picks that will accelerate your swing speed, improve your club path and maximize your power on the downswing. In addition, you will notice training aids designed to dial your putting stroke to reduce three putts and improve your putts per round record.

Lag Shot 7-Iron - Best Overall Golf Swing Trainer

Lag Shot crafted their 7-iron swing trainer designed to help the average golfer generate lag on the downswing, a relaxed grip, and a smooth transition from the top of the swing down. I find it promotes a fluid rhythm and tempo to prompt a clean strike and square the clubface at contact.

The added lag of this flexible shaft forces you to optimize hip and shoulder rotation for increased power and accuracy at impact. I noticed this aid forced me to activate every muscle available to bring the club head down hard and square.

While I prefer the design of the 7-iron, Lag Shot also offers this training aid in the form of a driver to help you maximize power, rotation, launch, and distance off the tee box. Plus, the brand offers the 7-iron in a ladies, junior or tall male size to cater to every golfer out there.


  • It improves a fluid rhythm and tempo
  • Helps golfers maximize power on the downswing
  • Encourages optimal rotation
  • Available in men’s, ladies and junior sizes
  • The package includes a training video from a renowned PGA teacher


  • Moderately expensive for a swing training aid
  • You will only see the benefits over time

Bottom Line:

The Lag Shot 7-iron golf club swing trainer is a single aid with multiple benefits for professional and amateur golfers. In my experience, it helped me deliver a fluid transition from the top of my swing down for maximum lag and power leading into impact.

As a result, I enjoyed increased clubhead speed and squared the clubface over time for accurate results and increased distance. In addition, I felt my muscle memory improved over the long run, and I activated parts of my body I did not know existed.

SuperSpeed Golf Training System - Best Swing Speed Training Aid

Slower clubhead speed puts you on the back foot from the beginning of your swing, preventing you from achieving optimal distance. Now, I do not expect you to swing at the level of Kyle Berkshire anytime soon, but the SuperSpeed Golf Training System will help you boost your miles per hour.

The package includes three weighted clubs relative to the mass of a standard driver. SuperSpeed golf created a five-tiered program to help you work your way up to swinging heavier sticks with ease.

You start with the green golf swing training aid, which is 20% lighter than a driver, and your mission is to swing 19% faster than with your current driver. Once you hit this target, pull out the blue club and aim to produce 15% more velocity than your current driver.

Next, you employ the red club weight, which is 5% heavier than a standard driver. However, when I reached this level, I swung this stick 4% faster than when I started the program.


  • It helps you accelerate your swing speed
  • The package includes 3 weighted clubs ranging from light to heavy
  • These training aids activate lower and upper body muscles for optimal power
  • I improved my smash factor leading to consistent ball striking
  • This led to increased distance


  • Premium price for a swing speed golf trainer
  • You cannot track your process without a golf launch monitor

Bottom Line:

As a golfer sporting a moderate swing speed, I could always use extra mph leading into impact for a powerful launch. I have tried countless tools which failed to deliver in this department, but the SuperSpeed Golf Training System changed my fortunes.

After starting with the feathery green swing weight and going through my paces, I found that my overall clubhead speed had increased by almost 4% when I reached level 3. For context, it meant I jumped from a driver speed of 87 mph to over 91 mph.

PlaneMate 2.0 - Best Swing Plane Training Aid

The PlaneMate 2.0 provides a solid platform to practice the fundamentals of your golf swing and improve your swing plane, swing path rotation, angle of attack, and clubface angle. In my experience, it helps you understand how your body works in tandem during the swing for better golf shots.

An adjustable belt fits around your waist, while a resistant band with a shaft connector attaches to the belt to prevent you from sending your clubhead off the path. I noticed that the tension created by the resistant band forced me to produce an inside backswing and an outside downswing for a more draw-friendly shot shape.

I appreciated the inclusion of the 6 part video series with Martin Chuck and other coaches, who help set you on the correct path. According to the brand, this training video is valued at $250, more than the price of the entire kit. Either way, the lessons were clear, concise, and helpful.


  • Improves your swing plane
  • Encourages an inside-out swing
  • Helps you square your clubface at contact
  • Promotes optimal rotation
  • Includes a 6-part video series with game improvement tips


  • Premium-priced training aid
  • The shaft connector is not the most durable construction

Bottom Line:

I feel the PlanMate 2.0 is a worthwhile training aid for your practice sessions as it strives to enhance every aspect of your swing mechanics. In my experience, I produced a consistent inside-out swing path and a square clubface at contact to send my golf ball long and straight.

In addition, the resistant band structure provides instant feedback when you send your clubhead off line or when your rhythm is off. After consistently using this for full-swing practice shots, you should see a consistent plane, inside-to-out swing path, and improved accuracy and yardage.

Orange Whip Full Size - Best Swing Tempo Training Aid

I never thought a shaft and an orange ball would do wonders for my swing, but the Orange Whip proved me wrong. A flexible 47-inch shaft and counterbalanced grip pair with a ball that replaces the clubhead set you up to enhance your core golf muscles for improved tempo, balance, and power.

The 1.75-pound structure requires optimal muscle activation on the downswing to get the orange ball into prime position at impact. I found my lighter, shorter shaft was far easier to swing after using the Orange Whip, resulting in a clean strike and a straight, elevated launch.

However, it was not all rosy in my experience. When I failed to deliver a clean transition from the top of my backswing down, I felt a wobble in the lengthened shaft. This caused me to back off immediately but made me cognisant of how to avoid these mistakes on the golf course.


  • Improves your tempo for a fluid swing
  • Enhances your balance through the swing
  • Prompts you to activate all your muscles for a powerful strike
  • Excellent for warming up
  • Crafted for left and right-handers


  • Not the cheapest swing training aid
  • The impact of the training aid is only noticeable over time

Bottom Line:

The Orange Whip Full Size is the most effective swing tempo training aid for beginners to professionals. Besides improving your tempo and inducing a smooth swing, the Orange Whip full-size pushes you to activate your core muscles and optimize rotation for a clean, powerful strike.

Finally, this versatile training aid is a fantastic warm-up tool to loosen your muscles and hit the first tee ready for action.

Tour Striker Smart Ball - Best Training Aid For Upper Body

My first glimpse of the Tour Striker Smart Ball was when PGA Tour pro Justin Rose whipped it out on the driving range at the 2017 WGC HSBC Champions. Fast forward five years, and it ranks as my top training aid for your upper body. This is because it synchronizes your arms, wrists, and hands for greater fluidity during your swing.

Plus, I notice it helps some golfers reduce the bend in their arms for increased control and stability through your full swing and putting stroke. It is easy to determine when your arms are positioned incorrectly because the gap between them widens, causing the ball to pop out of place.

Once your arms are optimally positioned, you can take the club along an inside path on the backswing before following a controlled outward path on the downswing. Lastly, I feel it works wonders in your short game, as it prompts you to send the clubhead back and through for improved accuracy.


  • Synchronizes your upper body
  • Eliminates the chicken wing pose that causes golfers to cast and hit wayward shots
  • Helps you reduce wrist action in your putting stroke
  • Boosts shoulder turn in your swing
  • Affordable golf training aid


  • You have to pump it up most times before using it.
  • I felt restricted at times on full swings.

Bottom Line:

Overall the Tour Striker Smart Ball is an excellent training aid designed to improve the accuracy of your golf game. By synchronizing your hands, wrists, shoulders, and arms, you train yourself to keep the club head on path throughout your swing to produce a straight, powerful shot.

Finally, I felt it works best for your short game shots, especially on the putting green. It trained me to restrict wrist movement, straighten my stroke and keep my ball on line.

SKLZ Gold Flex Swing Trainer - Best Warm-Up Training Aid

Warming up before your round is vital to activate your muscles and find your swing for the game ahead. The SKLZ Gold Flex Swing Trainer is my preferred warm-up training aid because it enhances my flexibility and swing tempo.

The flexible design of the warm-up aid creates increased lag, pushing you to optimize your shoulder and hip rotation in your swing for increased clubhead speed. I notice it encourages you to flatten your plane from the top of your backswing and send your clubhead on an in-to-out path to reduce slices.

Lastly, the SKLZ Gold Flex Swing Trainer fits into your bag easily, making it portable wherever you go.


  • Excellent warm-up aid
  • Improves your swing tempo
  • Encourages maximum hip rotation
  • Fits into your golf bag
  • Helps you flatten your swing


  • The added weight of the ball might cause your clubs to feel light
  • Grip durability

Bottom Line:

The SKLZ Gold Flex Swing Trainer is a moderately affordable swing training aid ideal for warming up your muscles before a round. In addition, it is designed to improve your tempo and enhance hip and shoulder turns for maximum power on the golf course.

In my experience, this device is designed to shallow your swing path from the top down, prompting you to hit the ball on an outwards plane. Lastly, it fits into your bag, and you can use it to practice golf swings or stay warm.

PuttOut Premium Pressure Putt Trainer - Best Training Aid For Putting Accuracy

Mastering your short game is one way to reduce your strokes and handicap. The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer offers a simple solution for putting practice, as you can operate from anywhere. The device is affordable, portable, and easy to set up.

I suggest using a putting mat, as you are bound to enjoy the smoothest roll. However, I have been known to operate directly on a carpet, but the results are erratic. The PuttOut aid includes three alignment dots for you to aim at and the pop-down target.

When your ball lands on the pop-down target, it sticks like you drained the putt. However, if your putter sends the ball wide of the mark, it will roll down and finish a few feet from the trainer.


  • Portable
  • Easy to setup
  • Allows you to practice your putting indoors
  • Stable spiked base
  • Moderately affordable


  • It does not include a putting mat
  • It takes time to master the distance control on the ram

Bottom Line:

The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is an affordable, convenient and portable training aid that gives you the freedom to work on your putting stroke inside or outdoors. However, I suggest acquiring a putting mat for optimal results.

Putting in your back garden or directly on your carpet will lead to erratic roll and defeat the purpose of working on your stroke

DownUnder Board 2.0 - Best Training Aid For Setup

Utilizing the correct stance, ball position, and posture sets you up for sublime rotation on your backswing and downswing. I enjoyed the stability the board created as my feet dug into the ground and provided maximum grip to prevent my feet from slipping during my swing.

Once firmly rooted to the turf, I felt I had greater control to take my clubhead back without my legs swaying. This led to my desired inside-to-out swing path, with elevated hip and shoulder turn.

Since my feet stayed put, I prevented a loss of power, leading into impact for rapid clubhead velocity and a powerful strike for consistent distance. Finally, the training aid prevented me from falling backward and topping my golf ball.


  • Promotes optimal traction
  • Encourages exceptional rotation
  • Boosts power leading to impact
  • Weatherproof for use indoors and outside
  • The DownUnder Board 2.0 includes a drill from founder Bradley Hughes


  • Not the cheapest training aid
  • I had to carry it to the driving range, separately from my golf bag

Bottom Line:

The DownUnder Board 2.0 provide amateurs and professionals with an effective platform to optimize traction at address and during the swing. Once your feet are firmly rooted to the turf, it is easier to induce advanced hip and shoulder turn to boost power and accuracy.

Overall, I appreciated the consistent launch, accuracy, and distance I delivered when operating with this training aid. Despite its price tag, every golfer can extract value from enhancing their grip at address.

Impact Bag Golf Swing Trainer - Best Training Aid For Impact Position

The position of your clubface at contact determines the direction your ball will travel. Most amateurs struggle with slice shots above all else because they leave their clubface open at impact. The Impact Bag Golf Swing Trainer provides an enlarged target to execute squaring your clubface at contact.

Although the target is more sizeable than a golf ball, the purpose is to enhance your muscle memory to repeat the process every time on the links. In addition, the bag is highly durable, waterproof and enables you to add cloths or towels to firm it up.

Lastly, I feel the bag provides suitable value for money, as it lasts longer than most training aids I have dabbled with


  • Helps amateurs square the clubface at contact
  • Improves your muscle memory
  • Moderately affordable
  • Durable construction
  • Waterproof


  • The target is broader than a golf ball, which may cause you to mishit an actual golf ball
  • I felt the stock version was too soft and had to add more stuffing to firm it up

Bottom Line:

The Impact Bag Golf Swing Trainer is a durable, value-for-money product that will last longer than many other training aids. In addition, it works well to help you square your clubface at impact and enhance your muscle memory for consistent results.

Force Pedal Golf Training Aid - Best Training Aid For Stability

Stability is vital to produce sufficient power at impact and to strike the ball on the intended path. The Force Pedal Golf Training Aid is a simplistic design that you place under your feet to create an uneven stance to improve your balance.

If you sway at any point during your swing, you will lose balance and fall off the Force Pedal. However, if you rotate your hips and turn your shoulders, your feet should remain firmly grounded throughout.

The kit features a firm and soft pedal, with the soft pedal better suited to beginners as it is easier to push down. As you improve and become used to the pedal setup, you can operate with the firmer one. It is harder to push down and springs back rapidly to give you a better idea of ground reaction force.


  • Helps golfers improve balance
  • Encourages optimal rotation
  • The package includes 2 pedals
  • Enhances your timing at impact
  • Promotes a powerful strike


  • It is expensive for what you get
  • Avoid using spiked shoes for an increased lifespan

Bottom Line:

Ultimately the Force Pedal Golf Training Aid is a successful creation to help you maximize your balance, rotation, and timing of each strike. While I absolutely noticed the difference in my stability after using them, I still feel they are expensive for what you get. However, they most certainly work.

Arccos Golf Smart Sensors - Best Training Aid Analyzer

The Arccos Golf Smart Sensors provide detailed insight into a shot, including strokes gained and average distances. The data is fed through to the Arccos app, which enables you to view your performance and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

I was further impressed by the A.I. Powered Rangefinder feature on the Arccos app, which provided yardage measurements, and club recommendations. The rangefinder factors the wind, elevation, and temperature for an accurate read.

While the Arccos Smart Sensors are not technically a training aid, they are designed to improve your decision-making and shot selection. Lastly, the app is built to function on iOS and Android devices to cover most golfers.


  • Tracks the performance of each shot
  • Records your distance averages with each club
  • Provides strokes gained data
  • The Arccos app provides distance measurements and club recommendations
  • Easy to setup


  • The app has a tendency to switch your golf course during your round
  • The distance measurements are inaccurate

Bottom Line:

I appreciate the idea behind the Arccos Caddie technology, as it is built to help the average golfers gain insight into each shot for a fraction of the price of a golf simulator.

However, the A.I. rangefinder function lacks accuracy and has work to do. That is why the best players in the world opt for advanced laser rangefinder devices instead.

The Stack System - Best Premium Training Aid For Clubhead Speed

The Stack Swing Speed Trainer includes 5 milled stick weights, which allow you to operate with 30 distinct settings between 0 and 300 grams. I appreciate its versatility, starting with the lowest weight and working my way up, following the advice of The Stack Training App.

Dr. Sasho Mackenzie guides you through the training program with sets, reps, and breaks to simulate a real-speed training workout. I find the average golfer responds better to the guidance provided and can extract value from the product.

However, TheStack System is a premium product that most amateurs may find high for their budget.

Best Premium Aid for Clubhead Speed


  • Detailed swing training program to increase your clubhead speed
  • The package includes 5 milled sticks
  • Provides 30 weight combinations for different training
  • 2-year license to TheStack App Training
  • Five individuals can save their progress at one time


  • Premium price tag not suited to the average golfer’s budget
  • You require a launch monitor to record your progress

Bottom Line:

In my experience, The Stack System offers golfers the most advanced swing speed training program. Not only does it include weighted sticks, but it also delivers robust dynamic speed training drills and tips crafted by Dr. Sasho MacKenzie.

The only downside of this advanced system is its high-end price tag, which may deter the average golfer.

Eyeline Golf Putting Mirror - Best Putting Stroke Training Aid

Wrapping up our list of the best training aids this year is the Eyeline Golf Putting Mirror, designed to produce a straighter stroke and superior accuracy on the green. The mirror helps you view your stroke path, head position, and eye movement.

Next, the affordable putting mirror features multiple perforations on the aid, which are reserved for your golf tees. I typically set up one on either side of the gate and one behind. The two side tees help me square my putter face at contact for straighter putts.

The third tee is placed in one of the back slots to tailor my backstroke for optimal distance control. The longer my putt is, the further back I position the tee. Finally, a center line is included to align your eyes for a solid setup.


  • Promotes an accurate putting stroke
  • Improves distance control
  • Generates more accurate putts
  • Affordable price tag
  • Contains 8 slots to place tees


  • The mirror material wears and tears
  • The mirror could be clearer

Bottom Line:

Let’s say your putting stroke causes the ball to veer off line producing unreliable speed and roll, look no further than the Eyeline Golf Putting Mirror. I find the gate setup works well to inspire a square putter face at contact, while the back slots signal where to stop your backstroke and commence your forward stroke.

Despite some flaws with the mirror, this affordable device is ideal for the average golfer desperate to reduce three putts and their strokes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Golf Training Aids Do Pros Use?

Tour pros use training aids such as the Superspeed Golf Training System and the Tour Striker Smart Ball. Phil Mickelson is the most high-profile professional associated with the Superspeed Golf Training System, while Justin Rose operates the Tour Striker Smart Ball.


Are Golf Training Aids Worth It?

Yes, golf training aids are worth it because they are specifically designed to enhance specific areas of your game. When I grew up, training aids were limited, and we had to make homemade equipment, which was often ill-fitted to the role.

If searching for enhanced clubhead speed, turn to the SuperSpeed Golf Training System. 

However, if you need to master your putting stroke, you employ the Eyeline Golf Putting Mirror. Using the correct tools for the job leads to consistency and lower scores.

What Are The Benefits Of Golf Training Aids?

The benefits of golf training aids include fast clubhead speed on longer shots, a precise swing path for straighter results, and superior balance at address. In addition, training aids help you improve your tempo, smash factor, chipping, pitching, and putting to lower your strokes on the golf course.



Those are your best golf training aids for 2023. Regardless if you need to accelerate your swing speed, improve your club path, or perfect your putting stroke, all the bases are covered.

After testing this product, I am satisfied that the Lag Shot 7-iron is the best overall golf swing trainer. It is versatile and can improve your rhythm, tempo, rotation, and power for enhanced accuracy and distance.

If you prefer a pure swing speed aid, I recommend looking at the SuperSpeed Golf Training System on Amazon. Finally, I suggest looking at the Eyeline Golf Putting Mirror to master stroke on the green.

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