iPhone Golf GPS Apps: Why It’s Okay to Pay for iTunes Apps

iPhone Golf GPS Apps: Why It’s Okay to Pay for iTunes Apps

We’ll consider paying $1.29 for a song on iTunes, and if we’re feeling flush maybe try a cheap app for $1.99. But $10 for an app for an iPhone? $30? Are you nuts? That’s a good percentage of the cost of the iPhone itself! How can that possibly be a reasonable amount to pay? That’s insane.

Well, that was before. Having bitten the bullet and sprung for a number of iPhone golf GPS apps that cost much more than $1.99, we can honestly say that many of them are worth the price of admission. These paid apps (well, the top ones at least) offer much better course coverage, support, functionality and overall quality than iPhone GPS free apps.

No iPhone golf GPS app will update distances as quickly as a dedicated golf GPS device (like the Callaway uPro or SkyCaddie SGX), and many lack the functionality of dedicated devices. Even worse, depending on network coverage you may not be able to view satellite images (thanks a lot, AT&T!). But then again, golf GPS units cost can cost north of $400 just for the hardware. Tack on the yearly or per-course fees that some companies charge, and you’re talking serious cash.

Critical Golf took a hard look at the golf GPS apps available, and found that there are at least a couple that should be on your short list – namely Golfshot and AirVue. These top apps have full hole satellite images, scorecard and statistics tracking, and extremely reasonable one-time fees. Golfshot even allows users to review their statistics online, and also links to the company’s Golfplan app, which provides personalized drills from Paul Azinger based on the player’s Golfshot statistics.

If you are considering purchasing a golf GPS device and have an iPhone, you should certainly give one of these apps a try. And no whining about spending $10 or $30 on an app. It’s worth it.

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