How We Test Golf Fitting and Performance Centers

To review the variety of Golf Fitting and Performance Centers open to the public we packed up our clubs and flew to Southern California to visit a number of equipment manufacturers, with out focus on their highest level fittings that are at their headquarters as opposed to those supported by mobile vans. Closer to home, we visited brand-agnostic fitters that not only have centers in the Bay Area, but also have locations available outside of our region.

These fitting and performance sessions ranged from focused iron fittings to multiple component sessions (such as drivers, irons and putter) to experiences that included additional performance reviews to look at the capability of the player’s body (back…knees…shoulders…let me count my limitations!).

Our articles cover the variety of experience visitors can expect at fitting centers: clubs available (makes and models), launch monitors and software in use that help the clubfitters do their work, the environment (indoor, outdoor), and the knowledge of the clubfitter. We viewed the fittings from the point of view of a player who hasn’t been through the process before, and could be any level – high or low handicapper alike. We also address the value to clubfittings, with prices starting at fee (!) and running into the thousands of dollars.