FreeCaddie is one of the few apps on our list that does not include either satellite or graphic hole images. This app features just the basics – distance readings to the front, middle and back of the green. Hole handicap and par information are available, and users can easily manually advance between holes. There is no scorecard or statistics tracking (you’ll have to upgrade to FreeCaddie Pro for that, which will also provide satellite images). Unlike any other app, FreeCaddie provides a yardage estimate of the accuracy of the reading. “High accuracy” is up to 19 yards, which for us is 1-2 clubs worth of distance and makes us a little nervous about counting on our iPhone for accurate distance information.

FreeCaddie stores the courses that the user has downloaded, which enables quick access in future rounds. We did experience a number of bugs during use, including the inability to download certain courses or even get a listing of available courses, as well as the app quitting when starting play. Given the bugs in the app, and the lack of hole views, a scorecard and statistics tracking, we would point users elsewhere.

Download FreeCaddie from iTunes

Version tested: 1.3

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