Golf GPS

Golf GPS is the most basic GPS app available with satellite images, for better or for worse. Supported by the iPhone’s iAds, Golf GPS isn’t so much a golf GPS app as it is simply an app that hones in on your location and then displays radiating circles at distances of 50-300 yards in 50 yards increments. With no further detail, players will still have to figure out the location of the green and flagstick, as well as estimate their yardage based on the yardage lines. Just as with the Maps app on your iPhone, you can pan and zoom in or out as desired.

Since Golf GPS has no knowledge of the course or any particular hole, the player will be advancing from tee to green in a variety of directions on the screen depending on the hole, which can be disorienting for those not familiar with the course layout. Users can tap on the location button and activate the compass functionality to see which direction they are heading, if that’s helpful. Golf GPS does have the ability to drop a pin on a target, and then the pin will display the distance from the player to it in future rounds.

The app has limited preference settings, and does not have the ability to record scores or statistics. It’s a start, but it has a long, long way to go.

Download Golf GPS from iTunes

Version: 1.2