The GolfBuddy VT3 is the 9th (yup, NINTH) device that GolfBuddy has added to their lineup (which is insane, but we’ll leave that for later comment), this device a part of their combo watch/voice/belt clipped device family. The VT3 provides everything in the GolfBuddy Voice+, which includes pre-loaded courses and no membership or download fees, a dynamic green view and changes based on player position, distances to near and far points on the green, and, of course, the ability for the device to speak distances. The VT3 steps things up a bit more, adding a touchscreen (thus the hardware is slightly different) which provides the ability to place the flagstick on the image of the green to obtain more accurate distances. The VT3 also has the ability to score.

GolfBuddy VT3

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Downsides? The GolfBuddy doesn’t provide distances to hazards, which is a bummer. We also find the GolfBuddy devices that have the ability to be used both attached to a wristband and clipped to a belt a bit non-committal, with the result being a designed that isn’t a polished-looking as other watches, with features that most users that won’t take advantage of (our bet is that most buyers don’t use the voice capabilities nor will they detach the wristband and use the VT3 clipped to their belt). Lastly, the cost of the GolfBuddy VT3 is significantly higher than the GolfBuddy Voice+, and it is one of the highest priced watches overall, both which make us wonder how it will fare.

Retail price: $299.99
Three year total cost: $299.99
Availability: Discontinued. Replaced by the GolfBuddy VS4. Check price now
Golfsmith: Check price now

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  1. I received this VT3 as a gift. I really liked the watch, but after three rounds of golf it failed to work anymore. Sent it in and they said they could do nothing as it had water damage to it. I played 3 rounds of golf in early February here in Houston, TX. temps were in the low 60’s. I was walking but was not perspiring very much at all. They said any water or sweat will cause it to fail. Guess it would even make it to the third hole if I played in August. Piece of crap. if it is that fragile, it should not be on the market.

  2. Mike – thanks for the heads up. Almost as disturbing as a $300 piece of hardware dying after 3 rounds is the response of the company. Will avoid GolfBuddy like the plague. Comment to author – I also don’t see the value in the ‘move the flag on the green’ feature. If you’re 150 yards out, how do you know exactly where the flag should be moved anyway? And if you’re good enough that 3-5 yards makes that big of a difference, your caddie should be marking off the course for you in the wee hours before your round.

  3. I have the same complaint about this company as the other golfers…terrible customer service. Used my Golf Buddy For abt six months total, it stopped working OOM the course, sent it in for repairs and they told me that it was water damaged. After another call to talk with a supervisor, they told me that there was something sticky in the watch. Have no idea what they are talking about. I take care of equipment, especially something that expensive. I’m spreading the word to all my friends not to purchase a Golf Buddy. Is a piece of junk from a company that does not stand behind their product.

  4. Boy can I share what others have said I had unit 4 mos. used 3 times never got near water yet their so called experts said it had water damage cop out to nth degree sounds like they have a problem and like to blame it on consumer. STAY AWAY

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