GolfLogix for the iPhone is the sister application to the dedicated GolfLogix GPS-8 GPS device. The newest version of the GolfLogix iPhone app adds overhead satellite images of each hole; the previous version we reviewed only provided readings to pre-mapped hazard/target points. The player can use the iPhone’s touch screen to determine both the distance to any point on the satellite image and the distance from the selected point to the flagstick.

GolfLogix tops the group in number of statistics that are trackable, and is unmatched in course coverage. The GolfLogix application seemingly has everything a user would need (and more), but the application has a few kinks to be worked out. For example, on most holes, GolfLogix will automatically change from the hazard or hole view to a green-only view at somewhere between 150 to 250 (!) yards from the center of the green, which is far earlier than you will often want. To make matters worse, there is no ability to return to the hazard or full hole views. GolfLogix has an annual subscription fee of $20 that also may lead price-conscious users toward applications that charge one-time only fees, such as Golfshot.

Course Availability
Starting a Round
Ease of Use
Course Details



Price: $19.99 annually
Three-year total cost: $59.97
Price: Download GolfLogix from iTunes

100 / A+

Course Availability
Critical Golf Test: GolfLogix was the first application to achieve a perfect 100% in our course coverage analysis – impressive!! The ability to leverage the course database that they already built for their GPS-8 makes GolfLogix the clear winner over the other nascent iPhone apps.
Manufacturer’s Claims: GolfLogix claims to have over 25,000 courses in its database, which places it tops among its iPhone application competitors.

96 / A

Starting a Round
The Good: Nice straightforward process, which loads in a jiffy. You will be reminded to reduce screen brightness and turn off auto-brightness each time you start the app, which is a bit of an annoyance. With the addition of satellite images, the user will also be prompted whether they want to download satellite images (which everyone should do). If you leave GolfLogix in the middle of your round and then return, you have the option to continue that round with all of the information saved from when you began – apps and dedicated golf GPS devices that don’t do this should be ashamed!

The Bad: If users select to download satellite images, GolfLogix will not allow users to begin play of the round until images for all 18 holes have been downloaded, which can take some time depending on your connection. Also, GolfLogix sorts courses by towns instead of distance, so the nearest course to you may not always be listed first.

84 / B

Ease of Use
The Good: A polished and intuitive interface allows for easy navigation between hole views, scorecard and statistics during play.
The Bad: GolfLogix takes things too far in its efforts at simplicity. The app switches from hazard view (a list of distances to various hazards and layups) or hole view (full hole satellite images) to green-only view when the user comes anywhere within 150-250 yards of the center of the green, and then DOES NOT allow the user to toggle back to the prior view. Argh! While you may appreciate the simplicity, there more often than not will be situations where you would rather still be in the hazard or hole view – say, if you can’t reach a green from 250 yards out or if you’re off in the woods and need to chip back to the fairway. In the hazard view, GolfLogix stops showing targets/hazards once the user is within 150 yards of the target/hazard. Depending on your abilities (and position on the hole), you may very well be left without critical distance information when you need it.
Updating of distances is on par with other iPhone applications. With any dedicated GPS device or iPhone golf GPS application, users will want to pause up to 8-10 seconds upon reaching their ball to wait for distances to update.

90 / A-

Course Detail and Mapping
The Good: GolfLogix generally maps a solid number of hazards/targets, including key bunkers, water, trees, doglegs, and even 100, 125 and 150 yard layups on most par 4s and 5s. The addition of satellite images along with the ability to determine distances to any point on the hole is a big plus.
The Bad: While the detail included in the hazard view was often exceptional, we were sometimes left wondering why some key targets were omitted, such as the distance to clear bunkers or water hazards (especially when corresponding distances to reach the bunkers or water hazards were shown). And as mentioned before, all the detailed mapping in the world won’t do you any good if you can’t access the views you want, which you often won’t be able to do when tossed into green-only view early during play of the hole. Lastly, we experienced some bugs with the application, such as holes where distances to selected points in satellite view would not be displayed, and other holes where the distances were displayed off the edges of the screen, forcing us to pan left or right to see the actual numbers.

Review of GolfLogix iPhone Golf GPS Application

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92 / A-

The Good: GolfLogix has a solid feature set that holds up well against the competition. If there is something you want to track, GolfLogix more than likely offers it.
The Bad: A few minor software glitches.

Review of GolfLogix iPhone Golf GPS Application

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90 / A-

Mapping Accuracy
We generally had a good experience with the mapping accuracy of GolfLogix, with readings that were consistently within a standard 4 yard range versus marked sprinkler heads and tee boxes. Though pre-mapped green distances to the front, center and back are no longer shown once you are within 30 yards of the center of the green, you can still get green distances under 30 yards when in satellite view. Hazards and targets drop off once the user is within 150 yards of the hazard, or when GolfLogix has decided you only need green information, whichever comes first.

We noted a couple of errors for holes with incorrect par values: one on a par 4 that was changed to a par 3 several years ago, and another hole marked as a par 4 even though it has always been a par 3. Fortunately, GolfLogix allows the user to fix these incorrect pars during the round and send the corrected information to GolfLogix. Unfortunately it took us several attempts to modify these pars before the corrections were saved to the application.

As with all apps or dedicated devices that include satellite images from a 3rd party (we are talking about you, Google), some hole images may be out of date. And if you play enough courses, you will eventually find ones that are.

70 / C-

Retail Price: A one-year subscription for GolfLogix is $19.99, making the cost for one year about average application in our cost comparison test.
Fees for Access to Course Database: GolfLogix charges a yearly (!) subscription fee of $19.99 to access an unlimited number of courses from the course database.
Three-Year Total Cost of Ownership: With a three year total cost of $59.97, the GolfLogix application for the iPhone is the most expensive in our cost comparison (this is even down from an initial $119.85 price tag over three years!).
Value: From a value standpoint, the great course coverage and user interface can’t offset the relatively high (for an iPhone application) cost over three years.

Tested: v1.2.1

7 Responses

  1. Golflogic was reasonably accurate up to 4-6 months ago. Now yardage is off by 15-50 yards and changes constantly while standing in one spot. It is useless except to keep score.

  2. I used to use the GolfShot app but switched to GolfLogix about 3 months ago. I actually like it a lot more than Golfshot. Golfshot does have the best yardage display but GolfLogix still gets the job done and lets you move a red target around anywhere on the hole so you can check the yardage of any bunker or hazard. The fact that there is not a page that shows you the distance to all bunkers and hazards is a very minor fallback to me since you can still obtain those yardages with the app. The reason I switched to GolfLogix is the stat tracking. The stat tracking is so much better than GolfShot. It is more detailed and more customizable. The round statistics page at the end of the round is so much more detailed than GolfShot. I also have found GolfLogix to be much simpler to use when inputting statistics. I don’t understand the part in this review that says that the GPS switches to green only view when you are inside 250 yards. The app always stays in the same view when I play, a view of the entire hole. You can zoom in on the hole by tapping the yardage on the top left corner but it will not do it automatically. I don’t know how old this review is but an update for the app must have been released after this review was written.

    I do find that the yardage is off sometimes but I have found that issue with all gps phone apps, especially on cloudy days.

    As a user of both GolfShot and GolfLogix I would highly recommend GolfLogix over GolfShot, especially if you like to track your statistics. The app also calculates your handicap which I think is great.


  4. I don’t know what you are doing to make this kind of review. The app should be for measuring distance, which is something it no longer does, The app is consistently off by as much as 80-100 yards. Golflogix is about SALES to the member and nothing else. Don’t buy this, don’t join, don’t waste your time or money. Get a real distance measuring device.

  5. They are LYING…they have my course in the App but they never were there to scan the greens…that was verified by the Pro

  6. BS…. waste of time. By the time you pull it up press the correct buttons, move the flag then move your location…. your buddies are wanting to castrate you. Then it gets lost and you have to start by restarting the app. Piece of junk in my estimation!!!!!!!!!!!!

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