We’ve tried and tried, and when done trying we tried some more. We will never know about the performance of the iGolf app, as we simply couldn’t get it running. We’ve deleted and reinstalled, tried creating new trial accounts, but all with no luck. We continue to receive error messages of either “server timed out” or “This membership has been registered to a different device and can only be used on one registered device at a time” when it hasn’t been registered on any other iPhone. This app comes from iGolf, the company that provides Bushnell and others with yardage information for their GPS devices, so we know the company has thorough mapping and hole views available, as well as course information. If you successfully register and get the application running, this application includes full hole graphics, a scorecard, handicap tracker and course information.

While iGolf shows this app on iTunes as “FREE” alongside screenshots of its GPS functionality, this is rather misleading. Players have a limited 24-hour trial with hole graphics and the ability to select any point to receive the distance both to the target and from the target to the hole. An iGolf “Premium” membership is then required to keep these features past the brief trial period, and that will set you back a whopping $50 a year…ouch!

Maybe you will have better luck than we did, but given we can’t even get the app launched, we certainly can’t recommend it for purchase. If you have success in launching the app, you’ll want to think twice about the cost – the highest of any iPhone golf GPS app tested.

Price: Free for the basics, $50 per year for GPS functionality

Download iGolf Golf GPS from iTunes

Version: 1.0