The 4 Under is Ping’s latest entry in the lightweight carry bag category, and is not only the lightest stand bag offered by Ping, but also the lightest bag we’ve tested to date. It features the internal Ping bag frame that we love, along with all the basic pockets. The primary differences from the Ping Hoofer C-1, aside from saving you about $60, are the slightly simpler club storage dividers, lightweight nylon material, a bit less padding for your back, and both fewer and smaller pockets for storage. If you’re looking for an Al Czervik-style bag that has provides a television, radio, beer tap, and club launcher, this isn’t the product for you. But if you’re interested in a lightweight, extremely capable bag that provides all the basic features at a very attractive price, the Ping 4 Under may be right in your wheelhouse.

Club Storage
Rain Hood
Carrying Impressions

Retail price: $135.00 Check price now
Availability: Discontinued. Replaced by the Ping 4 Series.

Editor’s note: this review is for the 2011 version of the Ping 4 Under. Manufacturers generally make minor changes to bag models each 1-2 years. We have provided links to check prices for the latest version of the bag, which now goes by the Ping 4 Series name.

94 / A


The 4 Under features a 4-way top to separate clubs into different groups, and two full-length dividers running the length of the bag that divide club storage space into three sections. This is a much more basic set-up than the either the 6-way top with 6 dividers of the Ping Latitude V2 or the 5-way top with 2 dividers of the Ping Hoofer C-1, and a far cry from the 14-way tops available on some bags. So you have to ask yourself whether you’re more of a free-form person, or if everything has to be in its exact place…

87 / B+


The Ping 4 Under, like other stand bags in the Ping family, is designed to collapse at the bottom of the bag with pressure, which in turn engages the legs. We like this design as there is no pesky protruding lever from the base of the bag that gets in the way of using either a push cart or motorized cart. The legs follow the same design as other Ping bags and are rubber tipped. As before, we wish that the Ping bags had the wider triangular feet found on some competitive products to provide a bit more stability.

86 / B


Although the Ping 4 Under is the lightest of the Ping stand bags, it has the same two separate shoulder strap design of the Hoofer C-1 model. The right strap retracts when not in use, while the left shoulder strap is a standard non-retracting version. This bag also has a new sliding strap system that allows you to easily adjust the straps while walking. The padding on the straps makes for a comfortable stroll.

84 / B


The Ping 4 Under has 5 total pockets.

The Ping 4 Under includes a slot on the right side of the bag for holding an umbrella and a nylon loop for attaching a towel or GPS device in its carrying case. There is also a velcro pad by the towel loop to attach your glove.

94 / A


The rain hood of the 4 Under attaches to the bag using 5 buttons. These all attach easily, and we much prefer the use of these buttons to other designs that require wrapping velcro straps around the top of the bag.

89 / B+


Ping has shed pounds throughout its line this year, and the 4 Under stands as the paradigm of that new philosophy. We’re definitely fans of that trend…

87/ B


The Ping 4 Under has a reasonable range of colors from which you can choose, with 6 different combinations available:

All have two primary colors, with some having slightly different trim around the zippers.

84 / B


The 4 Under features the new retractable right shoulder strap from Ping, and both strap pads are “dual sliding” to allow for easy adjustment. The Ping 4 Under also has a zippered opening near the base of the interior of the medium apparel pocket, making it easy to retrieve objects that have fallen into your bag.
We are going to count the lightweight nylon material as an innovation as well (we aren’t scientists but we will drink the Ping Kool-Aid on this one), helping the bag drop to under 4 pounds.

96 / A


At a suggested retail price of only $135, the Ping 4 Under is the lowest priced bag in our tests. Providing all the basics at a great price point, the 4 Under is a bag we like a lot, and we think you will too.

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  1. The Ping 4 Under is a great looking bag but mine fell apart in about 3 weeks.  The flat structural member that runs down the inside of the bag on the top side separated from the base and stuck out missaligning the base and making it hard to put clubs down into the bag….and after carrying it to the next shot, the clubs dropped all the way into the bag and were then penched and hard to get out.  Ping is sending a new bag this week.

    One of the best bags for carrying that I’ve ever purchased.  Just hope the next one holds up.

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