Just when you think SkyCaddie is going to greatly simplify their family of devices with their versatile SkyCaddie Breeze, where users can customize through additional Feature Packs, there they go again. Maybe they are just looking to dominate the shelf space of your local retail stores. Who knows. At any rate, the AIRE is a part of a group of 4 different SkyCaddie devices announced in 2013), and will be the smallest handheld SkyCaddie device with screen (greyscale) available. The AIRE provides distances to the front, center and back of green only, and some additional features that we don’t need, such as calorie counter and odometer. As with other current SkyCaddie devices, don’t forget to consider the yearly fees – for the Sport Series, which includes the AIRE, $49.95 will get you 3 years of course updates.

Editor’s note: For a limited time, SkyCaddie is offering a free annual “Go Play” membership for new, unregistered AIRE (and GIMME and WATCH) devices. Note that with this free membership does not allow players to upload scores or data to an online account – that functionality is only available with the paid annual “Par membership”, or a membership to ClubSG for $9.95/year (we will refrain on commenting that ClubSG is in “Beta” and they still charge for this).

Retail price: $129.95
Three year total cost: $179.90
Availability: Discontinued. Replaced by the SkyCaddie AIRE II.
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  1. Don’t be mislead here about annual fees! The Aire is one of a few models in their Sports series that requires NO MEMBERSHIP fees!! The watch & Gimme also fit into that category. You MUST register it, but select the $0.0 membership rate!

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