[Editor’s Note: The review below has been revised to reflect our impressions of SkyCaddie’s 2011 software update for the SGX.]

The SkyCaddie SGX is the latest offering from SkyCaddie, which still reigns as the best-known GPS company in the game. The SGX includes new features such as a digital scorecard, statistics tracking, overhead hole maps with the ability to select a point and receive distances both to that point and from that point to the green (HoleVue), and detailed green maps with contours and false fronts (Intelligreen Pro). But the availability of HoleVue and Intelligreen Pro is sparse (see our golf course coverage test for details), and the syncing process is abysmal. And let’s not forget the top-end price tag for the unit and a steep yearly subscription fee to access the course database.

Our conclusion – the SGX is a nice unit that provides SkyCaddie with something that is competitive with the top devices. The problem is that it doesn’t surpass those other devices, which makes the premium pricing difficult to swallow.

Course Availability
Ease of Use
Course Details



Retail price: $349.95
Three year total cost: $499.80
Availability: Discontinued. Replaced by the SkyCaddie TOUCH
Amazon.com: Check price now
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75 / C


The Good: Detailed step-by-step instructions make setup straightforward.

The Bad: The SGX took longer than any other device tested to set up, largely due to required software updates and the SGX freezing on us during the initial update attempt. An update of the software was required once during initial setup, then again two weeks later with the release of yet another software update. We had issues with connecting the SGX nearly every time we attempt to sync the device, though this is usually fixed by trying the “sync” button multiple times and/or unplugging and plugging the SGX back in again.

CaddieSync Error Messages

Click for errors

We revisited the SGX after their latest 2011 software release of a new software update. Unfortunately, what resulted was a comical 30 minutes that included a failure by the CaddieSync app update the software during the initial attempt, a crash when we attempted to reinstall the software update as instructed, and then multiple pages of errors when we attempted to open CaddieSync. We had the pleasure of uninstalling and re-installing the application, powering on and off the SGX, and then on the third try had success with the software upgrade. Just when we thought we were out of the woods, the CaddieSync app crashed again, requiring one more attempt before a successful sync. Needless to say, if you like a smooth syncing process, this just isn’t the device for you (and with the number of devices available today with all courses included out of the box, you have the option to select a device that doesn’t even require syncing).


What’s in the Box: The SkyCaddie SGX comes with:

Required Downloads: :

59 / F


Critical Golf Test: The low rating/grade for the SkyCaddie SGX is based upon the current lack of courses for which HoleVue and Intelligreen Pro are available – the SGX scored near the bottom of our golf course coverage test, which doesn’t seem like enough progress from our initial score of 42% in 2010. We do note that the SGX provided 98% coverage for standard distance information. We believe, however, that the appropriate comparison point, given the premium price that purchasers will pay, is the course coverage for the device’s top feature set. We are disappointed in this continued low course coverage score, and if you are considering purchasing the SGX, we would recommend doing a careful check on whether the courses you plan to play have HoleVue and IntelliGreen Pro available through the SkyCaddie website.

Manufacturer’s Claims: SkyCaddie claims to have nearly 30,000 courses available in its course database, placing it among the top devices tested. This number refers, however, to coverage of standard distance information – SkyCaddie doesn’t break out for HoleVue and IntelliGreen Pro coverage.

80 / B-


The Good: The device has an exceptional display that shows well even in bright sunlight.

The Bad: The SkyCaddie SGX, at 5.5 ounces (as tested), tied with its sister device, the SG5, as one of the heavier devices in our test. We wish that SkyCaddie had incorporated a touchscreen display to keep up with the competition. The interface was confusing at times, with situations where you expect to be able to use one of the softkeys on the device, but instead need to use the joystick to select an option. There is no ability to zoom out one level when in hole view – users need to zoom in all the way to the green, then zoom out to the highest level of zoom and start again. In addition, we not only experienced the above-mentioned errors in the CaddieSync process, but also had the pleasure of frozen screens during play and an error message that required restarting the device and losing our recorded scores in the middle of a round. Awful, just awful.



94 / A


The Good: New overhead hole views (HoleVue) provide a solid amount of detail, including the mapping of trees. The green rotates based on player position, and is a very accurate representation of the shape.

The Bad: For some courses where IntelliGreen Pro was available, we found contours and false fronts mapped for only some of the holes. Whether this was an oversight, or whether SkyCaddie didn’t think that the contours were significant enough to map, isn’t clear. In addition, the start of some holes were cropped and not visible upon initial viewing of the hole and not accessible via scrolling.

Hole View

Click for views


Suggestion Box: Full hole views should allow users to zoom in and out as they desire, but the SGX forces you to rotate through all of the zoom levels in progression, zooming all the way down to the green view before you can cycle back around to the highest level of zoom. This may result from the fact that the SGX’s user interface is overwhelmed as it is, and would have problems accommodating another function.

90 / A-


The Good: The SkyCaddie SGX provides most of the general features you would expect to have in a golf GPS device, as well as a wide array of user-adjustable settings.

The Bad: We would prefer to see statistics from the current round during play. It would also be nice to be able to track sand and penalty strokes (not that we ever have those!).


Click for images


For more details, check out the Critical Golf comparison of golf GPS device features.

90 / A-


Device Accuracy: We experienced no distance accuracy issues in our test of device accuracy, with all distances within the acceptable range of plus or minus 4 yards.

Mapping Accuracy: We tested the SkyCaddie SGX on a variety of courses and had limited problems with the accuracy of the course mapping. As distance readings are available at any distance from a target or the green, we were able to develop confidence in the SkyCaddie SGX’s accuracy. We did find some key targets missing from holes, such as bunkering (added approximately a year ago), and trees in fairways that are in play (that are decades old). SkyCaddie’s advertising emphasizes that they work with local golf course professionals to be notified when a layout has changed, and that they physically walk each course to create the mapping, so it’s difficult to overlook these errors, especially given the steep annual subscription fee for access to the course database.

82 / B-

Retail Price: With the release of the SkyCaddie SGXw, the SkyCaddie SGX now retails for $349.95, in the upper half for golf GPS devices tested.

Fees for Access to Course Database: SkyCaddie owners must choose one of three membership plans to access the course database, which are priced at $29.95/year for unlimited courses in one state, $49.95/year for unlimited courses in the United States, and $59.95/year for unlimited courses worldwide.

Three-Year Total Cost of Ownership: At $499.80, the SkyCaddie SGX falls at the upper end in our test of the three-year total golf GPS cost, which makes assumptions on the number of new courses a user will want to access each year.

Value: While the SkyCaddie SGX incorporates some features which users will find appealing, the lack of polish in the interface, no touchscreen ability, the poor course coverage, and buggy desktop software make this device difficult to wholeheartedly recommend at a cost of approximately $500 for 3 years.

Updated (course coverage): March 2013

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  1. Your 86 / B setup score is too kind.  I had the SGX for a year and an SG3 for 3 yrs prior.  CaddieSync for the Mac constantly crashes upon start up and it did it again numerous times when I tried to renew my membership yesterday.  The SGX constantly freezes up and can’t find the satellites.  I wasn’t even able to do a soft reboot for 2 hours.  Not a good situation for the tournament I was playing. Software has always been a problem for the SG3 and SGX.  You would think products get better with each new revision.  In this case the product /software reliability and quality got worse.  I truly regret spending $400 on the SGX.  I should have bought the Callaway or Garmin.

    1. We wholeheartedly agree! With the latest software releases we have experienced even more errors during the syncing process than we have previously, and also have had the SGX require a restart while on the golf course. We will be updating our SGX review to reflect our experiences shortly.

      1. Had problems since the beginning.  And of course, the warranty ran out.  Will not connect with satellite and now they require more money to send me a refurbused unit.  Be careful, since they will ask for $89.00 and after complaining about issues since first purchase, indicated they could do it for $49.00, later explaining it is a customer loyalty price.  Based on higher initial costs and yearly fee, I will not do this again, since the previous model had the same issues.

  2. Returned my OnPar GPS (which I paid $50 at Golf Galaxy in Jan.2011)  to SkyCaddie as their web site indicated for the SGX model and paid $219 total.Rec’d SGX 2nd. day UPS, free 1 yr. membership (double eagle) and $100 diningdough. 
    But, the great thing is, the unit has been flawless for 4 rounds(Columbus,OH) absolutely no problems.
    Easy setup, excellent visuals, accurate, minor complaint…on one course the HDCP listed were for womens tee’s. which was the same problem on my buddies SG5

  3. I have had an SGX since the beginning and I have had zero problems with the device.  The problems that I hear about the most are the ones that peopl don’t know whatthey are doing or how tro use the device to make it work for you.  SkyCaddie started the handheld GPS bsiness and they are still around. where are some of these other companies?  Has to say something for their business model, it works.  I will continue to pay my yearly membership of $49.99 as it pays itself and saves me that much in golf balls that I don’t loose.. I think you need to take another look at the SGX and see what they have now.  Also how can you compare the maps?  Outdates satelite inmages versus a walked course, no camparsion..

    1. I won’t start this as a war or anything, But how does a GPS unit keep you from hitting a slice or duck hook?  (Balls lost?)  I mean, if you hit it straight, or where you want, the distance is not going to be involved in losing the ball is it?

  4. As soon as you charge the battery on a new SkyCaddie SGX unit, you are required to use a product called CaddieSync to update the Operating System software in the device.  If anything at all goes wrong during the lengthy process of downloading a new and updated OS into the product from your PC (and it often does), the device freezes up completely, and cannot be recovered.  The unit must be returned to SkyGolf
    for refurbishment, which is probably the reason why so many refurbished units are readily available on e-Bay.  This is a major weakness in the design of this product, and it causes owners a lot of headaches. This product appears to be sufficiently immature that it is questionable whether it should ever have been released to the market.


    1. I went through 3 units to get one that works properly.  My problems were in the mini-port receptacle.  It kept loosing contact in the middle of the syncing process.  The one I just got back in the mail seems to function, at least so far.

      So far these things do not appear to be worth the money.

    2. I hit the “liked” by mistake, however, I’ve used the unit since Aug. and about 10-15 rounds.
      With the exception of one course using women’s HDCP, the unit has been flawless.

  5. This unit is poorly made.  After just 18 months the charging port on the SGX is no longer working.  SkyCaddie wants $89 to exchange it for a used one (aka, someone eles problem).  The unit only has 110 rounds on it, and now it is DEAD!

  6. Bought the sgx in March of 2011. Had problems connecting to sattlelites from day 1. I got it to work 1 time, then….nothing. It would try to connect but always stopped just short. I am talking nice sunny days here. Kept trying and same deal. Needless to say the last time I tried to use it I had a nice buzz going and it wouldnt work so I  threw it in the bottom of my bag. Today I called skycaddie and I will be getting a replacement for free. The support guy who helped me was very nice and understanding. The only thing now that bothers me is I will be getting a used sgx. I hope it works

  7. I purchased the sgx about a year ago. The initial setup was very confusing and took alot of time. Syncing the sgx takes alot of time and have had many failed attempts..I tried contacting skygolf to see if there is a problem and finally got through.On hold a long time every time I called. Their customer service is very poor indeed. Take my advice folks, I was a customer of skygolf’s since 2007 with 3 different units. I will never buy another one. The screen is great, the courses I play here in Colorado are not intellegreen set.  When will they do so??? I sold all of my skygolf equipment and went with the garmin g3..excellent.

  8. RS-
    I may have to check out the garmin.  SkyCaddie wants me to renew soon, but the damn thing isn’t even working!
    What a scam!
    If they replace the broken unit I have I may consider giving them another chance, but I certainly am not pating them $89 for a used unit.


  9. I’ve had my SkyCaddie since early 2011.  I am very careful with all electronic equipment I purchase, especially at a cost of $229.  I agree with the comment about syncing.  it is simply awful.  I have not had a battery problem as yet, but I got wind of that issue when I called SkyGolf to report THE JOYSTICK BROKE AWAY FROM THE UNIT while I was using it on a course.  What was ironic about this situation was the fact that i convinced one of my golf buddies to purchase the SGX about 3 months after I purchase my unit, only to learn his joystick came if his unit.  Yes, after much discussion, Skygolf replaced both of our SGX’s with a refurbished model.  We were both told they were replacing the unit, but expressed (in my case three days) we were either close to the expiration of my warranty or that the warranty had already expired.  The product is not living up to the hype heaped on it when it became available.  I like the overall product.  It is my hope SkyGolf will evaluate all that is written on this and other sites to aid them in developing.  Before switching, I will wait for the next iteration and make my decision then.

  10. Crazy, isn’t it?  I saw the Garmin, as some of my friends have it.
    You wear it lke a watch, so it’s actually easier to keep close to you (and discreet as well).
    Best part…NO FEES.
    If SkyCaddie does not do the right thing by me I’m chucking my unit and going to Garmin.
    They don’t seem to care about losing my membership either.


  11. I just bought the SGX, not ‘w’ model.  I will keep it charged and once the yearly fee runs out put it out to auction.  My Garmin G5 Approach works just fine.  Sure I don’t get the pretty views of the green, but at my level the green is the target, not ‘6 ft left of center hole high’.  I can’t wait for this thing.  It just takes too long to find sats or boot or whatever its doing.

  12. I purchased the SGX in 2010, pd for the yrly membership. & everything good, until 2012 pd the membership & used it twice, & the SGX doesn’t want to charge, keeps powering out, got a new cord, but to no avail. that device still doesn’t work. Was told to send $90 to get a refurbished SGX???Seriously? Very dissapointed the are still selling this device, when they know there is a problem, They want you to send your broken SGX in & they’ll refurbish it & resell it.

  13. Taking price out of the equation entirely, what GPS unit is the best? It seems that everyone is critical of skycaddie because of the annual fee, but I never see a review that just says which unit is the best golf GPS unit functionally, without the cost biasing the final conclusion.

  14. DO NOT BUY. this GPS signal will STOP WORKING after a year or two….and it will cost you an additional $89.95 to replace it with a ‘refurbished’ one. DO NOT BUY SKYCADDIE. Customer service sucks on top of all the trouble the unit causes you.

  15. DO NOT PURCHASE SKYCADDIE: There are no phone numbers for technical service listed. Went to use their LiveChat to get the SKYCADDIE to work and the directions on paper is different than directions online. With LiveChat took 2 hours and still could not get it running. You cannot run the product without spending money on memberships and upgraded service just to use the product capabilities. All of the options are confusing and when the Live Chat technician gave us the membership to get, I could not use the device for the golf courses I needed without another upgrade and another hour to download and update the device. I couldn’t get the device to work and can’t use it at all. I requested to have the membership cancelled and return the device they said that they would not because it was over a year that it was purchased. I explained I had surgery and was not able to use it until now and would not refund or do anything for me. This company does not stand by the product and is very difficult to set up and has no customer service and is very expensive.

  16. SGX was my second Sky Caddie product I’ve owned. If and when you can get them downloaded with the software and updates needed, and keep them charged, they work nice on the course. Good luck getting to this point though! Their website and NO customer service other a guy on “live chat” who will say you need to buy a new refurbished model for $89 makes for a frustrating battle on your PC. Why would I want to buy a cheaper refurbished model when my newer model who I baby and don’t abuse to elements etcetera won’t work after 2 years? Sky Golf won’t see another dollar from me!!

  17. S2.5 failed on first usage. Was serviced by Sky Caddie but never worked correctly. SGX has great features but also started acting strangely at 1 year old. At 2 years old it totally failed. As I have premium membership tried Sky Caddie Mobil for smart phone. Only info I got from it was “Sorry Sky Caddie has stopped working”. Although I knew better I bought a reconditioned Breeze at discount price for “loyal Members”. On first start it displayed “Application Rose.exe encountered a serious error and must shut down”. 2 hours in chat session with 3 techs failed to resolve the problem. Another Breeze will be sent in 6 – 8 business days. In conclusion, Sky Caddie is the most expensive but very poor quality.

  18. I wish I had read these comments before buying a SGX. I can’t believe a company that put so much effort into creating a product, would come out with such a piece of junk. Had a major app failure after only a couple of months.

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