Sun Mountain Micro Cart

Sun Mountain Micro Cart

Ease of Set-Up
On Course Impressions

The Sun Mountain Micro Cart’s nifty combination of a lightweight compact form and quick set-up made it the favorite of our testers. Sure, it doesn’t have an aggressive masculine design, but let’s be honest, you’re already using a push cart – it’s not like you’re screaming “men, men, men, men, manly men, men, men” with every step you take.

So while your buddy herniates a disc wedging his massive push cart out of the back seat of his car (smearing dirt, grass, and who knows what else all over the fancy leather seats) and then spends 20 minutes trying to remember how to unfold the thing, you can easily lift the Sun Mountain Micro Cart out of your trunk and be up and rolling in no time. Which gives you plenty of time to get acquainted with the attractive cart girl.

The Sun Mountain Micro Cart delivers easy set-up, nice performance on the course, and a reasonable price point – what’s not to like?

Retail price: $199
Availability: Discontinued. Replaced by the Sun Mountain MC3 Micro-Cart


  • One of the lightest carts we’ve tested
  • Compact shape when it’s folded up
  • Easy to unfold


  • Ho hum styling
  • Not an overwhelming amount of storage space (although it’s generally adequate)

97 / A+


The Micro Cart lives up to its name – at 13.5 lbs. (as tested), it’s not only one of the lightest push carts we tested, but it also folds into a nice FLAT compact package. We can’t tell you enough how much of a difference it makes to have the cart fold up flat – fitting both a set of clubs and the cart into the trunk of a smaller car is impossible with some of the competitive products, but is generally not a problem with the Micro Cart. And if you happen to have a lady friend with you (or a buddy who is always bumming a ride) and need to fit both two sets of clubs AND two carts in the trunk of your car, pretty much your only chance is if both carts are Sun Mountain Micro Carts.

94 / A


Our reviewers loved how quickly they could unfold the Sun Mountain Micro Cart – in essentially four quick steps, it’s up and ready to go. An added bonus is that Sun Mountain has designed the cart so that you simply plop your bag on it. The built-in brackets and the angle at which the bag sits on the cart keeps it from falling off, so you don’t have to spend any time attaching straps or bungee cords to secure the bag. Which gives you more time to carefully hone your short game at the chipping green…ah, who are we kidding – you’re just going to head to the range with your driver and let the big dog eat!

89 / B+


  • The wheelbase of the Micro Cart is a bit narrower than the other carts that we tested. That being said, we didn’t have any issues worrying about whether the Micro Cart would tip over on a hill – perhaps because there are four wheels instead of three. Another advantage of having four wheels is that if you play on a course with lots of geese or other water fowl, you can easily aim your cart to avoid the “presents” that birds leave behind – with a three wheeled cart, you’re left guessing as to whether the stuff you just dodged with the front wheel is going to be run over by one of the two back wheels.
  • The brakes featured on the Sun Mountain Micro Cart were our favorite among the carts we tested – they easily engage and disengage through lightly flicking a lever.
  • The width of the front axle is adjustable if your golf bag is particularly wide.
  • Like most carts offered today, the tires are made of foam, so you never have to worry about getting a flat.
  • The handle can be adjusted to one of two heights for the user’s comfort. Note that the handles on some competing carts are adjustable to a wide variety of heights (you loosen a knob, rotate the handle to where you want it, then tighten the knob), but the user must manually adjust the height to the optimal spot each time. Two different heights seemed sufficient to our reviewers, but extremely tall or short users might feel otherwise.

90 / A-


The storage and accessories provided by the Sun Mountain Micro Cart include:

  • a padded valuables tray (with a see-through lid) that was big enough to hold 2 golf balls, a GPS device, an iPhone, a set of keys, and a wallet (unless your name happens to be George Costanza)
  • A very cool magnet attached to the lid of the valuables tray that is designed to hold your scorecard – this was a nifty way to keep the scorecard handy and accessible
  • 3 holes for storing pencils
  • 6 holes for storing tees
  • 1 hole for storing an extra ball
  • an umbrella mount that holds an umbrella upright to provide you with shelter when it’s raining
  • a cup/bottle holder

82 / B-


This is pretty much the only real failing of the Micro Cart. The Micro Cart, with its smaller wheels and shiny hubcaps, looks like a souped up Nissan Sentra compared to the Hummer-esque ClicGear 2.0. The Sun Mountain Micro Cart is available in silver, blue, red and black.

93 / A-


The Sun Mountain is right in the sweet spot of golf cart pricing at $199. At this price it’s a value that is tough to beat.