Titleist Premium

Titleist Premium

As befits its name, the Titleist Premium Stand Bag is one of the best bags we tested. It executes perfectly in delivering provides most of the traditional features a user would expect in a top-tier stand bag and integrating those features in an intuitive manner. Loads of storage room make this an excellent choice for pack rats. Note, however, that it tips the scales as one of the heaviest of the bags tested, so there may be better choices for those looking to pare down the weight they carry.

Club Storage
Rain Hood
Carrying Impressions

Retail price: $195
Availability: Discontinued. Replaced by the Titleist Lightweight

Editor’s note: this review is for the 2011 version of the Titleist Premium. Manufacturers generally make minor changes to bag models each 1-2 years. We have provided links to check prices for the latest version of the bag.

93 / A-


A 7-way top splits the Titleist Premium Stand Bag’s club area into 7 sectors. There are three full-length dividers that run the length of the bag, so the club storage space is divided into four major sectors, with the 7-way top further splitting up three of these sectors (Titleist designates the remaining undivided sector as a “putter well”). Some of our reviewers are lukewarm on the utility of more than 5 sectors, but those who have a strong preference against mixing and mingling their clubs might like this set-up. The radius of the bag allows for lots of room to store your clubs.

95 / A


The Titleist Premium Stand Bag has the excellent Titleist/Sun Mountain legs with wide rubber feet. Stability was outstanding, and the legs extend easily upon setting down the bag. There is an element of independent suspension in the legs, in that they don’t both automatically pop out the same amount, which is helpful when dealing with uneven lies. As an added bonus, the Titleist Premium Stand Bag is the only bag tested that has sheaths into which the legs can be zipped to protect them from being bent or tangled when traveling or using a cart.

91 / A-


The backpack-style straps on the Titleist Premium Stand Bag feature 4 adjustment points. The design keeps the bag snug against the user’s back, and the Titleist Premium Stand Bag gets extra points for the velour-lined padding that makes the straps extremely comfortable.

94 / A


If you like pockets, the Titleist Premium Stand Bag is the bag for you! 10 pockets provide a veritable cornucopia of storage options.

  • 1 large garment pocket runs along the right side of the bag, with 1 small pocket and 1 medium-sized pocket along the outside of the garment pocket. The medium-sized pocket also features two very small zippered pockets inside of it.
  • A velour-lined valuables pocket (non-waterproof) is on the right side of the bag.
  • 1 small and 1 medium-sized pocket sit on the spine of the bag.
  • On the left side of the bag is a medium-sized ball pocket and along the outside of this pocket is a zippered lined “cooler” pocket for a beverage.
  • Not included in the pocket count is an additional pen/pencil sleeve.

The Titleist Premium Stand Bag has a fancy velour strap for securing an umbrella, and a round ring for attaching a towel.

83 / B-


As with the other Titleist and Sun Mountain bags, the rain hood leaves a lot to be desired. Securing the hood is a somewhat convoluted process of threading two Velcro straps through anchors on the front of the bag (instead of around the legs, which was our first guess), then snapping two buttons around the straps, and finally threading a final Velcro strap around the handle. There has to be a simpler way of just covering up a set of clubs from unexpected sprinkles.

88 / B+


Despite its weight, our reviewers enjoyed walking the course with the Titleist Premium Stand Bag. One reviewer took it for a 27-hole test drive, and was no worse for wear.

  • Weight. At 6.2 pounds (including the rain hood), the Titleist Premium Stand Bag was among the heftier bags in our comparison test.
  • Balance. Whether it’s the way the backpack straps keep the bag securely against the user’s back or the general weight distribution across the bag, we found that the bag rested evenly across our shoulders.
  • Padding. A large pad cushions the area where the bag meets the user’s lower back.
  • Handles/Straps: As mentioned in the other Titleist/Sun Mountain reviews, a fantastic feature of these bags is the handle that is integrated into the rim of the bag. The user simply grasps this handle with the right hand to place the bag securely on the ground (and activate the legs) and slide the strap off of the right shoulder in one simple motion. This became such a natural motion for us that we would search in vain for the same handle when testing other bags.

93 / A-


The Titleist Premium Stand Bag is a handsome fellow, and comes with nice luxury touches, like the use of brushed metal for the towel ring and the rings for attaching the straps, and velour on the straps.
The bag comes in 6 colors:

  • Black
  • Navy
  • Red, with black trim
  • Fir Green, with black trim
  • Spice (which is a dusky orangeish-red), with black trim
  • Denim (blue), with silver trim

86 / B


Like the other Titleist/Sun Mountain bags, the Titleist Premium Stand Bag gets points for the integrated handle at the top of the bag. In addition, as mentioned above, the Titleist Premium Stand Bag includes two zippered “sheaths” that can bind the stand legs to the bag. Our reviewers, who tend to walk the course, weren’t sure they would be bothered to completely secure the legs in this manner for the occasional round with a cart, but frequent cart-users might find it handy.

92 / A-


Priced at $195, the Titleist Premium Stand Bag is at the median among the bags tested. It’s not often you find premium performance at a moderate price, but the Titleist Premium Stand Bag delivers!