The Ping 4 Series has been around a while, and the latest iteration introduces an attached rain hood that is snapped inside the hip pad. The legs swing out to 24 inches, a wider span that the previous 4 Series, the bracket from which the legs swing is reinforced for strength (though can’t say we have had any issues prior to this technology), and there is a leg strap to secure the legs during travel or when on a cart.

The bag features six pockets, including the industry standard velour-lined valuables pocket and structured water bottle pocket. With a slim profile and a 4-way top, the weight is kept to approximately 4.5 pounds, which makes it the lightest of the more full-featured carry bags from Ping. At that light weight if you want to use just a single strap, go ahead, or you can use the two adjustable straps (with strap slider to keep things in order) to carry backpack style. The bag also features the customary features such as umbrella holder and towel loop.

Retail price: $190 Check price now

Note: Manufacturers often carry over the same name between years for carry bags, making larger changes to bag design every 2-3 years. This review is for the 2014 Ping 4 Series carry bag.

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