TaylorMade offers up its Microlite carry bag to compete in the burgeoning featherweight/superlight/sub-4 category. Despite weighing in at under 4 pounds, the Microliteoffers a reasonable set of carry bag features, including five zippered pockets, an insulated drink pouch, towel clip and pen holder. There is a 4-way top with two full-length dividers. The bag offers good but not great padding, and has a foot that slightly protrudes from the base to extend the legs.

Club Storage
Rain Hood
Carrying Impressions

The Microlite offers a good blend of a reasonable price and the functionality that most players will want. If you are okay with a bit less pocket space and fewer accessories, add the TaylorMade Microlite to the list of bags to seriously consider.

Retail price: $149.95
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Model year: 2013

93 / A-


The TaylorMade Microlite has a 7″ x 8″ 4-way top, which is the least number of storage sections we’ve seen among carry bags with legs, but which makes sense in a bag that is looking to shed weight. Somewhat surprising, however, is that there are two full-length dividers to keep clubs sorted. Looking from the top of the bag, the opening is split into thirds horizontally across the top by two main dividers, each of which runs the full length of the bag. The middle section is further split vertically into two sections, though it does not have a full-length divider. If there are some clubs you like to put in a full-length section, and some you don’t, you’ve got a choice with this bag.

91 / A-


The legs draw in and remain tight against the bag when it’s being carried, and release well when set down on the course. The mechanism to release the feet is outside of the base, slightly protruding from the back. We prefer carry bags with this mechanism “inside” the base so the “foot” can’t get caught on a cart, but so it is. The legs swing out far enough to provide a nice wide base.

The Microlite does not have a system to strap down the legs when traveling on a cart. Aw c’mon…would a velcro or elastic strap have added that much weight?

92 / A-


The Microlite shoulder straps don’t have the plethora of padding found on some of the larger and heavier bags, but they are reasonably comfortable. A main strap pad sits on the middle back and attaches to separate adjustable shoulder straps on each side of the bag. The straps are easy to fine-tune to reach the optimal balance for carrying.

91 / A-


The TaylorMade Microlite features 6 total pockets, each of which is zippered other than the beverage sleeve.

The TaylorMade Microlite also features an adjustable cord and loop on the right side of the bag to secure an umbrella and a plastic ring for attaching a towel, laser rangefinder and/or GPS device. There is no tee holder(s), scorecard slot or Velcro patch to secure a glove.

85 / B


The Microlite comes with a rain hood that is attached via four snap buttons – two on the top of the bag above the handle on the spine, and one on each side of the legs on the back of the bag. We would have appreciated a bit more space on the rain hood at the back of the bag.

93 / A-


Although the TaylorMade Microlite pares down to keep the weight off, we didn’t notice a marked detriment in our carrying impressions. The amount of padding for both the lower back and shoulders were reasonable, if not over-the-top, and the ability to adjust the straps all made for a positive experience.

91 / A-


TaylorMade Micro-Lite

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The design is up-to-date without being flashy (though you can sport bright orange or lime green), and features solid trim color choices on the bag as well as the straps. We withhold comment only on the royal blue/white/green color combination.

The TaylorMade Microlite comes in seven different color combinations:

91 / A-


The features list in TaylorMade marketing materials for the bag doesn’t exclaim anything cutting edge about the Microlite, though there are more references to the benefits of the removable bottom pocket, to help with customization of the bag, than we might have thought necessary. Other than this, the bag provides the latest features in a lightweight bag: low weight, integrated carry handle, and comfortable and easy-to-use shoulder straps.

93 / A-


The TaylorMade Microlite is, at $149.95 retail, priced in line with its feature set. It’s priced below most of the carry bag competition, with slightly fewer features than some, but still including what the majority of what customers will likely need. If you are looking for a something on the lighter side, give the Microlite a look.

Model year: 2013

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