The top-of-the-line electronic golf cart from Bag Boy, the Navigator Elite features a color interactive screen that displays battery charge status, distance traveled, time, service and maintenance sensors. The Navigator Elite has a full directional remote (forward, left, right, reverse, and speed controls), padded seat with storage compartment (take a load off!), adjustable handle, and a 360 degree swiveling front wheel, with suspension, no less. There is a 4th wheel to added stability, and a gyroscope navigation system to maintain a straight path on rough terrain, so go ahead…head off-road to look for your ball.

Bag Boy Navigator Elite

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The Navigator Elite’s 24 volt battery powers twin 200 watt motors, and the cart utilizes a two-step fold process to collapse the aluminum frame to 35″ x 24″ x 14″. Additional features include an adjustable handle to accommodate different player heights, a new lower profile and wider wheels versus the Navigator 2, and holders for sand/seed, refreshments (your call what kind), and an umbrella.

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  1. Why no eval of the dyna-steer by electronic kaddy? I’ve had one for six years and still going strong. I’ve only had to replace the battery.

  2. Pros: outstanding tracking with the built-in gyro nav system – engage it with one click and the cart stays straight no matter what the terrain/slope, no pain-in-the-**** adjustments to the steering required

    Cons: c’mon – a $2,000 remote electric caddy and BagBoy can’t include (or even offer) a scorecard holder? Also, forward fold-up locking pin was either broken or poorly designed cause it doesn’t work, making it more difficult to pick up – hope customer service is as good as Cart Tec!

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