The Stewart X5 Remote is marketed as a “luxury” electric cart, and with the quality, level of design and specifications, it certainly meets this description. Designed from the ground up as a remote controlled cart, the X5 is far different than some of the competition that are based on existing push carts, with battery and/or remote control systems tacked on without a change in cart design. Controllable up to 50 yards away, the X5 is the current evolution of the first X-series, produced in 2003.

The X5 has a low and central center of gravity to provide stability, two 140-watt motors, a built-in stabilizer, 4 wheels and wider rear wheelbase than other carts, and is programmable for up to 4 walking speeds. The remote handset allows players to move the cart forwards/reverse, faster/slower and left/right. Available in silver, black and green, the X5 has a sleek design that is one of the most attractive on the market.

When open, the cart measures approximately 36” tall x 44” long x 28” wide. It folds down to 12” tall x 32” long x 28” wide. Weight is just over 56 pounds. The Stewart X5 comes with a 1-year warranty.

If you have the dollars to spend, this is absolutely a cart you should consider.

Stewart Golf X5 Retail Price: $2,495 Check price now

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