Ok, they aren’t going to revolutionize your game, but it will save you some hassle. For way too long we had a handful of rubber golf tees in our bag that were different sizes to deal with the variety of driving range mats. Now we just have one. Twist it up, twist it down…adjusts to whatever mat we happen to be using at the moment. Simple, handy and cheap. Ok, we would be rather hitting off grass, but until Critical Golf hits the big time and we can join a club, that isn’t an option.

Now for those who would rather have their ball sitting on a tee at the range and still are required to use mats, you can always grab some of the rubber golf tee holders. We recommend getting the shortest rubber tee possible, then using wood tees of different length to make adjustments.

And if you still aren’t happy with the twist up and down method, and you want to save some tees (even if you get the rubber tee holder option, your tees will break or fly onto the range and you won’t be able to retrieve them), you can stick with the old standby rubber golf tees cut to different sizes.

Retail price: ~$3.50+ each
Amazon: Check price now

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