The Clicgear MITT (yes, all caps, and yes, we wish companies would quit doing this) is designed for the die-hards who venture out on Dawn Patrol before the sun even peeks out over the horizon. When your hands are cold, the harsh reverberations of a skulled shot last for what seems like a lifetime. While it doesn’t do anything for your ability to hit the ball cleanly, the Clicgear MITT will keep your paws toastier, and thus less susceptible to the jangling feeling of an early morning mishit.

The MITT is secured around the handle of a golf push cart with a couple of Velcro straps. Don’t let the singular name fool you – there are separate mitts for each hand. Like a typical pair of mittens, there’s a chamber for your thumb, and another for the rest of your fingers.

The MITT is oversized, providing easy access to slide your hands in them to push the cart and pull your hands out when it’s time to take a shot. The exterior of the MITT is made of waterproof nylon, and the interior is some form of furry fleece that does a reasonable job of keeping your hands warm. After trying the MITT, we’ve decided that the $20 investment is much better than the alternatives – the “Pec Push”, where you stuff your hands into your pockets and try to guide the cart forward with your chest, and the “Mow and Blow”, where you alternate shoving the cart hard and blowing on your hands for warmth.

While it’s marketed as a Clicgear product, the MITT was compatible with all of the carts we have in our testing fleet.

These are the kinds of accessories we love – simple in design, reasonably priced, and yet incredibly useful. If you’re a pushcart user who plays early in the morning (or if for some foolhardy reason you have chosen to live somewhere that actually gets chily in the fall/winter), get the Clicgear MITT. Your hands will thank you.

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