The Clicgear SEAT (WE ARE NOT SHOUTING AT YOU – SOMEONE AT CLICGEAR JUST THOUGHT THAT ALL CAPS WAS A GOOD NAMING CONVENTION) attaches to any model Clicgear cart (we tested it on the Clicgear 3.5+), providing a perch upon which you can relax and ponder your next shot. The SEAT is not compatible with non-Clicgear push carts. While the plastic seat isn’t exactly a luxurious recliner, it will support up to 220 lbs., so if you’re the average American man (coming in at 195 lbs.), go ahead and add bacon to that cheeseburger.

Some assembly is required – a bracket must be mounted on the left axle of the cart. It took us about 30 minutes to complete the process, which doesn’t require the use of a tool more sophisticated than a wrench or a screwdriver.

So what’s not to like about the SEAT? For one, it isn’t particularly comfortable – the SEAT stands on a single leg, so it wobbles a bit, particularly when the cart is on uneven terrain. It won’t actually tip over, but it’s unsettling until you get used to it. A little bit of padding also would’ve been nice – the seat itself is made of hard plastic. And while we’re complaining about comfort, the seat itself is positioned relatively low to the ground, so you may feel like you’re sitting at the kid’s table at Thanksgiving dinner.

Clicgear SEAT

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Perhaps more importantly, the design of the Clicgear SEAT is such that it cannot remain attached to the cart when the cart is folded, so you’ll have to remember to pack both the cart and the SEAT in your car on the way to the course, unfold the cart and install the SEAT when you get there, and then reverse the process when you’re done with the round. While the SEAT snaps in and out of the mounting bracket easily enough, we have already established that we’re average American men, and it would follow that we’re somewhat lazy. Which means that we have a tendency to abandon using products that require us to utilize any more effort than absolutely necessary (for example, the motion of twisting a key in a car door lock is apparently so taxing that we’ve now universally adopted remote keyless entry systems).

There’s nothing terribly wrong with the SEAT – if you own a Clicgear push cart, it’s nice to have the option of sitting down when play ahead of you slows to a standstill. But the inconvenience of needing to install and remove the SEAT for each use, combined with the not insignificant $49.99 price tag, leads us to question the overall value of the product.

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