The Clicgear Sand Bottle enables you to fulfill your civic responsibility and fill your divots with sand. It only takes a moment, and may help restore your karmic balance with the golf gods. Aw heck, while you’re at it, fill up any other nearby divots and accumulate a karma surplus!

Most golf courses have a big box full of divot mix (sand mixed with seed and sometimes topsoil) that you are invited to use to fill your own sand bottle. The Clicgear sand bottle unscrews at the bottom, making it easy to fill in one fell scoop (pun intended). A rubber cap (attached to the spout so you don’t have to worry about losing it) keeps sand from spilling out if the bottle is accidentally tipped over.

The bottle easily clips on to the accessory tabs on Clicgear push carts. Simply hang it on one of the tabs on the handle during play, and then hang it on the tab nearest the central hinge to keep it tucked out of the way when the cart is folded up.

Clicgear also provides two additional accessory tabs that can be mounted (using just a screwdriver) on any brand of golf push cart that has 1” tubing (which worked fine, for example, on a Bag Boy Triswivel).

Clicgear Sand Bottle

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The Clicgear Sand Bottle is well constructed and durable, having held up fine through more than a year of use. The only real down side is that its suggested retail price of $20, is higher than that for similar products such as the Sun Mountain sand bottle ($8.95). But heck, the difference is only the cost of a couple of Pro V1s. It is actually less expensive than the whopping $24.95 for the Bag Boy sand bottle.

The Clicgear Sand Bottle is easy to use (it is, after all, a bottle) and compatible with most golf push carts, so we recommend that you pick one up and contribute to making fairways safer for golfers everywhere.

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