Maxfli, acquired by Dick’s Sporting Goods from TaylorMade-adidas in 2008, offers a range of urethane cover golf balls that are given names that make them easy to differentiate. The U/4 and U/4x are 4-piece balls, the U/3 is a 3-piece, and the U/2, of course, a 2-piece ball. Multi-piece golf balls are, at a high level, designed to give players benefits across different shot types. This includes lower spin rates and distance for drives, with higher spin rates and additional control for more lofted clubs. As Maxfli is owned by Dick’s (which also owns Golf Galaxy), these balls don’t have the same distribution as the major manufacturers.

Maxfli Golf Balls

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The U/4 and U/4x are designed for advanced players with higher swing speeds, offering the highest short game spin, soft feel, and long driver distance. Both provide Maxfli’s top level of performance. The U/4 is tailored for short game spin and a softer feel, while still providing excellent distance (though marketed as less than the U/3 or U/2, below) with a mid-high launch trajectory. The U/4x launches lower and spins less, providing longer overall distance with a firmer feel.
MSRP: $44.99
MSRP: $44.99

The U/3 provides is (not surprisingly) still marketed as providing excellent short game spin, soft feel and long driver distance. Just not at the level of the U/4 and U/4x. The U/3 offers higher launch than the U/4 and U/4x.
MSRP: $29.99

The last of the U-balls, the U/2, still offers the same distance as the U/4 and U/4x, but in a high-launching ball. At the lowest price point and fewest layers of any of Maxfli’s urethane cover balls, it offers commensurately less spin, feel and workability.
MSRP: $24.99

Not marketed as heavily and available at a lower price are a series of 2-piece ionomer cover balls, the Maxfli Revolution line. Revolution models include balls tailored to distance, low compression (which I have to say seems a crazy way to market golf balls to golfers…how many average players know what low compression is or if it is for them?), spin, and ladies’ versions. Ionomer balls, on the whole, will spin less (also given the 2-piece construction of the Revolution line), fly higher, have a harder feel and have better durability than urethane cover balls, which will allow for greater spin and have lower trajectory.
MSRP (all Revolution models): $19.99
Low Compression

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