And here they come…the Apple Watches. Our test is for the 42mm Watch Sport with Golfshot, though users will have the same user experience on the course. In addition to flashing your Apple fanboy-ness, you will also receive 3D hole flyovers, stats tracking and yardages to hole and targets.

Golfshot has the ability to display the screenshots at right through any of the Apple watches, provided you keep your iPhone close at hand.

Apple Watch

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There are also a bevy of colors for the Apple Watch Sport bands, shown at right.

Apple Watch Sport Colors

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Apple Watch Sport: $349-$399
Amazon: Check price now

There are also more options in the Apple Watch at $549-$1,099, and the Apple Watch Edition at $10,000-$17,000 (right….)

And the additional subscription for Golfshot…
Golfshot: Check price now ($24.99 annually)