And here they come…the Apple Watches. Our test is for the 42mm Watch Sport with Golfshot, though users will have the same user experience on the course. In addition to flashing your Apple fanboy-ness, you will also receive 3D hole flyovers, stats tracking and yardages to hole and targets.

Golfshot has the ability to display the screenshots at right through any of the Apple watches, provided you keep your iPhone close at hand.

Apple Watch

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There are also a bevy of colors for the Apple Watch Sport bands, shown at right.

Apple Watch Sport Colors

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Apple Watch Sport: $349-$399
Amazon: Check price now

There are also more options in the Apple Watch at $549-$1,099, and the Apple Watch Edition at $10,000-$17,000 (right….)

And the additional subscription for Golfshot…
Golfshot: Check price now ($24.99 annually)

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  1. Any reviews of Apple Watch golf Apps? Best app for distances? Swing tempo apps worthwhile? Can the distance and tempo apps work simultaneously?

    1. I have the android wear version of this GolfShot combo – the pro edition which costs like $25/year. I purchased an LG G wear watch for under $100. Works great – takes needed information from phone such as front center back and tracks score including putts. If you want to do more such as distances to hazards and track shots you can by scrolling more menus. It doesn’t allow you to do all things Golfshot pro does like track sand shots and penalties from your wrist – for that you need to get your phone out of bag for data entry. Experience of combo is great. I just set the brightness high on watch and you need to leave wireless and gps on high update frequency for ease of use. I carry a double charger in bag since I have power hungry settings on watch and phone although I do start fully charged and have not had problems

  2. I’ve checked with GolfShot and the distances they provide are only FCB and not NCF. So the greens are not mapped.

    Are there any plans of testing other apple watch GPS apps? I am looking for an app to replace my Skycaddie Linx but as it looks I am going to stick with the Linx.

      1. FCB = front, center and back of a green. These are fixed points, regardless of your position.
        NCF = near, center and far points of a green. These points will change depending on your position.
        For example, if you hit your ball into the rough to the right of the green, the FCB distances might be 30 (point at front of green as if you were in the middle of the fairway, to your left), 25 (center of green), 30 (point at back of green as if you were in the middle of fairway, to your right). The NCF points would be something like 10 (nearest green point from your position in the rough), 25, 45 (farthest green point).

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