The Garmin Approach G10 is, well…an interesting choice for a product in 2016. Garmin leverages their course database to provide 40,000 courses worldwide free course updates, and distances to front, middle and back of green, and even the ability to place the flagstick on an image of the green for more accurate distances. And after you make that birdie putt, you can record it on the G10 as well. Our issue? While some websites have listed this under “watches”…you can ignore that. Because it clips to your belt. Which takes all of this functionality and make it, for us, far more useful. A golf GPS that clips to the belt was a bit more understandable before the more aggressive prices for golf GPS watches appeared. Now with the Garmin S20 available for a mere $70 more list than the G10 (less online), well, we are willing to spend the extra dollars for convenience. Sure you can stick it in your pocket if you prefer, but if we are OK with reaching for a handheld, we are more interested in a device that has a larger screen, with course maps and distances to any point we select.

Garmin Approach G10

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That leaves us trying to guess the target market for this device. We would say someone who just wants the basics. But if that is your interest, there are many handhelds that are just as simple to use, and provide additional information when you need it. And if you don’t need it, just ignore it. And if you can’t ignore more information and really don’t want to see a hole view in a handheld? Well, I guess this is for you.

Retail price: $129.99
Three year total cost: $129.99 Check price now

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