GolfBuddy continues their model numbering system we haven’t deciphered yet with the GolfBuddy PT4. This top-of-the-line GolfBuddy replaces the GolfBuddy World and GolfBuddy Platinum. It notably features an extremely large 4″ high-resolution touchscreen and slimmer body design. While players generally think first of SkyCaddie and Garmin, the GolfBuddy PT4 features stats tracking, distances to any point on the course, pin placement capability and customizable targets, and with excellent course coverage and no annual fees, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Retail price: $399.99
Three year total cost: $399.99 Check price now

4 Responses

      1. Kept crashing mid round. Fiddly (need to be a whizz at using very small keyboards to insert all the info required between Green and Tee). Cumbersome. A great concept but does need an awful lot of refinement including a better screen, less clunky and more GPS reactive. Sent my PT4 back and I now use a Bushnell..

        1. Sent mine back twice as it kept crashing, no support at all, very disappointing as I replaced my golfbuddy platinum. Bought a garmin

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