The SkyCaddie AIRE II is the most basic of the SkyCaddie handheld rangefinders, ready-to-play with over 35,000 courses worldwide. The device features the most basic golf GPS device features: auto-course select, auto-hole advance and shot measurement. There is a scorecard included that saves up to 20 rounds, Distances provided are only front, center and back of green on the black-and-white screen. Other odds and ends include a stopwatch and odometer, and a pace-of-play timer. A rechargeable, lithium-ion battery is included.

As with any SkyCaddie product, there are annual fees for key features. If you weren’t going to purchase these, you are probably better off with a competing device that doesn’t have annual fees either. Heck, if you are going to purchase the additional features through the annual fees, we think you are better off with a competing device that doesn’t have annual fees!

For example, our test plan is the SkyCaddie AIRE II Pro Plan (there are a slew of different plans depending on device). This provides green shape, pin targeting (if pins are mapped, which they often aren’t), and a list of up to 40 hazards, carries and layups per hole. Maybe the $19.95/year plan will sway you (unlimited access to course maps with distances to front, center and back of green), or the free activation, which only provides front, center and back of green distances. But with the AIRE II, you are better off looking elsewhere.

Retail price: $169.95
Three year total cost: $319.80 Check price now

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