Caddytek (or is it CaddyTek? Not even their website knows…) iterates on their lone 4-wheeled push cart with the Caddytek CaddyCruiser ONE V3, alternatively known as the “CaddyTek One-Click Folding 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart – V3.” This 3rd generation Caddytek retains roughly the same size (17.5″ x 14″ x 25.8″) and weight (approximately 17 pounds) as the prior generation, and has the same elements that led to a high rating when we reviewed the initial release – a push cart that folds to compact size (with just a single button click to release), front wheel suspension, and a reasonable price, just a Hamilton less than the competition. But if you are looking for the cart in orange, you’re out of luck – the company has retained only red, silver, green and black options in the current version.

Caddytek CaddyCruiser ONE V3

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The cart’s features remain largely the same in this latest generation, with good-sized front (10.5″ x 2.4) and rear (2.6″ x 11.5″) wheels, a 27″ wide body when unfolded, umbrella holder and storage, and scorecard holder, storage compartment for balls, tees and GPS devices, beverage holder, basket with cooler, and a mesh net (previously optional, now included).

The brake is style where you use your foot to press-to-brake and press-to-release. We prefer hand brakes, but so it goes. The front handle offers multiple position options, and the front wheels can be aligned. And as mentioned earlier, has suspension – the only push cart on the market with this feature.

Caddytek CaddyCruiser ONE V3

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Note that Golfsmith no longer carries Caddytek push carts, but Amazon still does.

Retail price: $189 Check price now

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