The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine has been purchased “by over 60 players on the PGA tour”. Which might alone be enough to warrant a look. The system rests on the green (or your carpet, of course), and is unlike other products in that you attach your putter to the system, and then “feel” the correct putting stroke. Now don’t quickly dismiss this with a “ahh, just another putting device that forces me into a specific swing path” – the Z Factor is adjustable for six different swing planes. That includes both square to square, as well as five different arcs. And our bet is that your stroke matches one of the six. Or at the least, it should. Left handed? No worries, it’s fully reversible.

The putter is attached to the machine though a magnetic carriage that allows the putter to attach, or for putters with synthetic faces, small steel plates included are attached to the putter heel and toe using foam tape (after practicing these are then removed). By having the putter attached to the device, and selecting the appropriate arc, you can feel the correct path during your swing and build the muscle memory to groove it. The parallel design of the machine helps the player in setting feet and shoulders square to the target line, and numbers on the top of the device allow you to replicate your stance on each stroke to develop consistency. And it’s not all about stance…ball position is also a factor, and a ball position indicator helps you place the ball in the same location each time. Even better, there is a ball feed ramp that delivers balls during practice.

Z Factor Putting Training Machine

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The Z Factor Perfect Putting System takes about 5 minutes to set up initially, and then is ready to go (a handle is attached to the device to make it easy to carry if you don’t own the optional canvas carry bag.

Retail price: $199.95 Check price now

Some videos of the Z Factor in action:

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