GAME GOLF (why oh why are more companies putting names in ALL CAPS) allows players to capture their round of golf automatically while they play – perhaps a consumer version of Shotlink would be the most apt comparison, with all their stats and trends. The beauty of this is that you don’t have to continuously enter information while you play. Can you imagine… technology that doesn’t get in the way of you playing your round? Tell me more!

GAME GOLF Hardware

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To use GAME GOLF, players will to simply clip the main GAME (known as the “GYG (for “Game Your Game”) Golf Tracker”) device to their belt, and then attach a small NFC (near field communication)-equipped tag to the butt end of each club. Before each shot players tap the handle of their club to the GYG device, which then captures club and location information. This information is then later synced via Bluetooth to GAME GOLF servers, and the platform then translates the data into GIR, driving distances, scrambling, and so forth. You can then login to their online portal on your computer, iPhone or iPad and see shot locations (along with a satellite view of the course), clubs used and average distances, as well as other statistics to help you improve your game. Once you are feeling good enough about the state of affairs of your game, you can go ahead and share with others via your social network of choice, or compete with others (even professionals) on their online portal.


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We would be remiss if we didn’t mention SkyGolf, makers of the SkyCaddie lineup of devices. We have been waiting for the company to roll out a device quite similar to this in functionality. SkyGolf announced work on a product like this years ago, and we last saw it demonstrated at the PGA Merchandise Show in 2011. Sadly, it has been continuously delayed, though our understanding is that the company is still working on development (we won’t comment on if we actually believe that). We are glad to see that GAME GOLF has filled this hole, and even better, hasn’t just focused on the hardware, but also created a very good looking and functional way to review your round and statistics. SkyGolf take note when redesigning your ClubSG community, please!

GAME GOLF didn’t last long as the only player in town, however. ARCCOS Golf introduced a offering in early 2015 that will go head-to-head with GAME GOLF. You can read more in our ARCCOS Golf review, but for starters, know that the ARCCOS solution is a whopping $399.99. Though if we were betting men (which we sometimes are), we would put our money on the odds that this introductory ARCCOS price doesn’t hold through the full 2015 season.

We like the idea of being able to play your round, and with a little additional effort, capture all of your shot information. This allows for a relatively seamless solution that doesn’t require players to enter each stat as they play, which we know from experience that takes away from the enjoyment of the round. If you make a piece of technology that is virtually invisible, you can spend your time focusing on your round instead of tracking data. Seamless and social.

For those who remember that the company early on made reference to a $50 yearly fee to access the GAME “premium platform” after the first year, the company no longer plans to charge additional fees for their platform.

Those who haven’t purchased already will be happy to know that the company has reduced the price of the device down to $199. Even better!

Retail price: $199.00
Three-year cost: $199.00 Check price now
Golfsmith: Check price now

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