The upgraded Swingbyte 2 continues to provide a 3D visual of your swing along with key data immediately after your swing, pairing with iOS and Android devices and the use of a free Swingbyte app and allowing you to see real-time feedback. All the better to hone your game at the range…or that kickass home golf studio you’ve been dreaming about building in your kid’s room after they headed off for college.

The new Swingbyte still connects via Bluetooth, and records your swing (and also has in-app video capabilities now!), allows you to view your swing data, track swing history, and tailor your online “golf bag” to track training by club. This allows for your review of data galore: backswing and downswing path, clubhead speed, face angles at address and both face and club path, lie angle, and club loft. You can easily track your sessions by day, sorting by club used to see your history over time. Improving? We hope so!

Swingbyte 2

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One last note…thank goodness Swingbyte has come out with an improved twist-resistant design, as the original Swingbyte was an absolute disaster, rotating off the club shaft all too frequently to make the product worth using. Here’s to this one not rotating as much!!

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For a good overview of how it all works:

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