The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour Series is a terrific golf travel bag, slotting in as the second largest offering in the ClubGlider line of four-wheelers (behind the cavernous ClubGlider Pro). The ClubGlider Tour Series is designed to accommodate either cart bags, including the new Sun Mountain Tour Series cart bag, or stand bags. We highly recommend four-wheel golf travel bags with pivoting caster wheels – once you try one, you won’t want to go back to a two-wheeler – and if the price tag doesn’t make you flinch, the ClubGlider Tour Series is one of the best options in the category.

The ClubGlider Tour Series operates in the same way as the favorably reviewed ClubGlider Meridian – as with the Meridian, the Tour Series features retractable legs that extend from a molded tray in one motion. For the sake of expedience, we suggest reading our ClubGlider Meridian review, before coming back here, where we identify the primary distinctions between the two bags. Note that we reviewed the 2012 version of the ClubGlider Meridian, so there may be slight differences between the 2012 Meridian and the one that Sun Mountain currently offers.

Travel Impressions

We found the principal differences between the ClubGlider Tour Series and the 2012 ClubGlider Meridian to be:

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And for you, a little marketing:

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