The ES12 was Ernest Sports’ introduction to the portable launch monitor market, and it remains the entry-level product within their line. The ES12 immediately provides ball speed and calculated shot distance (carry or total) and pairs via Bluetooth with your mobile device to allow for analysis and tracking additional information. As with it’s big brother the ES14, the ES12 uses doppler radar to measure ball speed, and requires the player to select the correct club prior to the shot in order for the device to provide accurate calculation of shot distances.

Relative to the ES14, the ES12 is both smaller and lighter than the ES14, taking up a space 3.9″ x 6.6″ when set up and 1.5 pounds. It is significantly less expensive than the ES14 ($350 less retail), so customers stacking the two side-by-side will need to decide the value of an updated design along with additional data, such as spin and launch angle.

Ernest Sports ES12

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The free app to accompany the ES12 allows the player to manage range sessions and historical data, along with using the phone’s video camera for via analysis. There is also a ‘Course Caddy’ that suggests clubs to be used based on previous sessions, and a skills challenge to hone in on your distance accuracy.

As with the ES14, the ES13 is placed 14″ in front of the ball position and 14″ to the side, so whatever you do, just don’t shank the ball…

Retail price: $199.99 (down from $249 at introduction) Check price now

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