Bushnell Tour X

Bushnell Tour X

Bushnell fills in some gaps with the Tour X, offering all of Bushnell’s latest technology, lacking only the 7x magnification of the Bushnell Pro X7 JOLT Slope. The device comes with 6x magnification, more than the Bushnell Tour v3 Jolt Slope it ostensibly replaces, but also offers two new key features.

The first is the “Exchange Technology”, which is the marketing term for the cue that Bushnell took from the Leupold GX-4i, a switchable faceplace that allows the device to toggle between a USGA-conforming rangefinder, and one that provides slope-adjusted distance readings.

The second feature is the Tour X’s “Dual Display Technology. This allows the player to manually swap between Bushnell’s Vivid Display Technology (think red text and crosshair in the display) and black text/crosshair, depending on lighting conditions, at the flip of a switch.

In addition to the new features, the Bushnell Tour X offers distances to ½ yard, range from 5 to 1,300 yards, and has a 2 year warranty.

Do we really need all these features? Probably not. We could probably do without the vibrating “jolt” of the device, and the ability to switch between display view is something we won’t frequently if ever use (but having the option allows Bushnell to get players that like one or the other). As we play in tournaments on occasion (or simply on the up-and-up), the switchable faceplate is useful to allow the Tour X to be used as a conforming device. At nearly $500, you’ll likely see this device pull players that would otherwise purchase the Leupold GX-4i2 and Bushnell Pro X7 JOLT Slope, as well as other Bushnell fans that are interesting in stepping up to its 6x magnification.

Retail price: $499.00
Availability: Discontinued. Replaced by the Bushnell Pro X2
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