The new Ping Hoofer C-1 falls into the middle band of the bags tested in terms of weight, features and cost. It doesn’t particularly stand out among the competition, but is reliable and versatile enough to appeal to a wide range of players. There are a number of improvements for the Hoofer this year, including sliding shoulder strap adjustments, a magnetic enclosure for the water bottle pocket, a pocket for scorecard and pencil, and a buttons for the rain hood. Players who have used Hoofer bags in the past will be happy with the latest iteration, and those looking at the Hoofer for the first time would be hard pressed to find fault with any particular element. It’s not the lightest, cheapest, or most full featured entry in the market, but it’s a solid bag that we can’t help but like.

Club Storage
Rain Hood
Carrying Impressions

Retail price: $189.99
Availability: Discontinued. Replaced by the 2014 Ping Hoofer.

Editor’s note: this review is for the 2011 version of the Ping Hoofer C-1. Manufacturers generally make minor changes to bag models each 1-2 years. We have provided links to check prices for the latest version of the bag, which has now reverted to the original Ping Hoofer name.

94 / A


Following the look and feel of the Hoofer Vantage of years past, the Hoofer C-1 has a 5-way top to separate clubs into different groups. Two full-length dividers running the length of the bag divide club storage space into three major sectors. This is a reasonably simple setup, which, on the Ping spectrum of products, falls in between the 6-way top with 6 dividers of the Ping Latitude V2 and the 4-way top of the 4 Under.

87 / B+


The Ping Hoofer C-1 is designed to collapse at the bottom of the bag with pressure, which in turn engages the legs. While it sometimes may require a little encouragement to get the legs to extend (just get used to sitting it down at the correct angle), we like this design as there is no protruding lever from the base of the bag (which is used by other manufacturers to engage the legs) that will get in the way when using either a push cart or motorized cart.

The legs are rubber tipped, but are not the wider triangular feet found on some competitors. In theory this design may be slightly less stable, and the legs could more easily sink into wet ground or mud (nothing wrong with playing golf in bad weather, right?).

86 / B


The Ping Hoofer C-1 retains the same two separate shoulder strap design of the previous Hoofer Vantage model. As before, the right strap has a system which allows the strap to retract when not in use, and the left shoulder strap is a standard non-retracting version, most likely to keep the left side more easily accessible when throwing the bag over your shoulder. This year’s bag also has a new sliding strap system to that allows you to easily adjust while walking (see ‘Innovation’, below). The padding on the straps for the shoulders is comfortable.

86 / B


The Ping Hoofer C-1 has 7 total pockets (Ping markets the bag as having 6, but we count one more. Call it generous!).

The Hoofer C-1 includes a slot on the right side of the bag for holding an umbrella and a plastic loop for attaching a towel or GPS device in its carrying case. There is also a velcro pad by the towel loop to attach your glove.

94 / A


The rain hood of the Hoofer C-1 is an evolution from earlier Ping bags, and now features 5 buttons to attach the hood to the bag. These buttons all snap in easily, and we prefer the new design to the prior Ping models that required wrapping velcro straps around the top of the bag.

89 / B+


Though the Hoofer has never been the lightest bag on the market, the new Hoofer C-1 sheds nearly a full pound from the previous generation Hoofer Vantage.

89 / B+


The Ping Hoofer C-1 has a relatively wide range of colors to select from, and designs that include different colors for trim as well as secondary colors. 7 different combinations are available:

None of them are loud, and depending on where you fired your tee shot, it just might be nice not to bring attention to your location.

84 / B


The Ping Hoofer C-1 features an integrated handle which extends from where the straps attach the top of the bag. Combined with the bottom strap, this makes the bag reasonably easy to grab and lift into a vehicle or while traveling.

In addition to a retractable right shoulder strap, both strap pads are “dual sliding” and allow for easier adjustment than the common straps of the past.

Lastly, the Ping Hoofer C-1 also has a zippered opening at the bottom of the largest apparel pocket, making it easy to retrieve the car keys, food, wallet, golf balls and GPS units that have fallen into your bag without having to turn the bag upside-down.

84 / B


The Ping Hoofer C-1 retails for $189.99, which puts it at about average among bags tested. It’s a solid, dependable bag, but at this price point users will probably start to consider bags that have more features and carrying capacity, as well as less expensive lightweight bags.

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