The Sun Mountain Speed Cart V2 is the “deluxe” version of the original Speed Cart V1, claiming a more durable frame along with a larger handle and accessories panel and a mesh basket for carrying additional belongings.

We like the upgrades – the mesh basket is particularly great in providing a place to toss all kinds of stuff – and like its predecessor, the Speed Cart V2 is simple to unfold and get rolling on the course. The Speed Cart V2 is, however, the heaviest golf push cart that we’ve tested. Part of this may result from what Sun Mountain describes as a “heavy-duty frame with steel stampings and glass-filled joints for increased durability.” All we know is that it’s really heavy.

Ease of Set-Up
On Course Impressions

The Speed Cart V2 is also the most expensive golf push cart that we’ve tested and its styling feels dated (does anyone still think that wire spoke wheels are cool?). If (a) price is no object, (b) you have a Cadillac Escalade that will easily fit the massive cart, and (c) you have a manservant who will lift the cart in and out of your Escalade, then the V2 may be your cup of tea. Otherwise, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.

Retail price: $269
Availability: Discontinued. Replaced by the Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1 line



79 / C+


The heaviest golf cart in our tests, the Speed Cart V2 tips the scales at 20 pounds (as tested). But it’s the size of the V2 that might hold you back from its purchase. Sun Mountain claims the V2 is slightly larger when folded than its predecessor, the Speed Cart V1, but we found it to actually be a hair smaller, with the handle of the V1 protruding just a bit farther. Either way, the two versions are roughly the same size, and as with the V1, you will have a difficult time fitting the V2 into a standard-sized car trunk along with your set of clubs, never mind carrying a buddy and his clubs (and cart?) as well. Of course if you are rockin’ a Suburban or Escalade these pedestrian issues don’t apply to you.

90 / A-


The Sun Mountain Speed Cart V2 unfolds in 6 intuitive steps (technically one less than the V1 which includes the need to unfold the bottom stand where the bag rests). The Speed Cart V2 also features smart brackets that allow you to secure your bag without having to pull straps around the bag to hold it down. As a nice touch, these brackets are adjustable to allow for bags of different sizes.

86 / B


92 / A-


The storage and accessories available on the Sun Mountain Speed Cart V2 include:

78 / C+


The old-school spoke wheels, heavy-duty frame, and extremely limited color selection won’t win any beauty pageants. Not that your friends will judge you on the style of your golf cart. Then again… At least it comes in more colors than the Model T – you can get it in both black AND silver.

79 / C+


At $269.95, the Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1 is the highest priced of the carts tested. While it adds a few extra features not included with the Speed Cart V1, the additional $70 is tough to swallow. The value doesn’t seem quite there, and at this price we would point users in other directions.

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  1. My V2 is one year old and I like it except the brake system is really not very good.  I play a very hilly course in Windsor CO and I rely on the brake.  It lost its holding power two months ago and I tried to adjust it by the wheel.  Not good.  Then today I made the mistake of trying to fix it at the handle.  Bad!  The tiny orifice through which the stranded cable must pass just won’t accommodate it.  I took it apart and could not make it work.  I trust you’ve improved on the brake. If you have please allow me to trade in this near-new cart for something with a reliable, adjustable, enduring brake system.  Please get back to me.  If nothing else, please direct me to a shop that can fix this brake and make it tight enough to hold and loose enough to allow free wheeling.  Thank you.

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